Good Taste

It’s finally chilly enough in Austin to bring out the wool again, which means that Ike has been reacquainted with his favorite thing in the world.

No polar fleece, machine-washable dog blankets for this gentleman. This is a full-on Aran fisherman-style afghan, knit by yours truly. Ike gets seriously excited whenever I pull it out of the trunk, and he makes a beeline for it. Everyone in the house knows that this is HIS blanket, even though that was not my intention when I spent dozens of hours knitting it.

What can I say. He’s got good taste. And he’s willing to share a corner of it if I sit right next to him.

3 comments on “Good Taste

  1. I’ve been knitting for years but it’s always nice to gry back to basics and refine the skill. Thank you.

  2. HA! IF I had a pet (only stuffed animals…haha!), I would definitely want him to love my knitting as much as Ike does! That puppy truly does have good taste. 🙂

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