Blooper Video 1

The whole time we’re shooting, three dogs are wanting to go outside, then back in, then out again, etc. Having the backdoor open that often means that there are often unwelcome guests in the shot. I really try not to be distracted by them, but…

3 comments on “Blooper Video 1

  1. Dear Staci, I recently started knitting again after many years and your videos were highly recommended when I was ready to sew my seams together. The video was very helpful and easy to understand and really appreciated. However, I did not realize that by my stopping and restarting the video would create a problem and I do apologize for that and hope I can become a welcome guest to your site in the near future.

    Thank you, Carole Black

  2. Carole – thank you for the note. I’m not sure what you mean…you are welcome to stop and start a video as many times as you need to! Are you seeing some kind of message that tells you otherwise? I’m confused.

    S t a c i

  3. Dear staci, that blooper of yours was pretty funny and well i wanted to tell that i have a name for it and i think it would be a great to name it morvilio blanket well because i just like and well by

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