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  1. I too have been knitting for about 30 years but I always used my grandmothers hand me down needles. Since my MS has gotten worse I had to get new needles because I tend to knit very tight now. MY GOODNESS, you are so right about the medal needles. I never knew what a joy they were to knit on!!! I feel like a real knitting “pro”! I think a really good needle (and new at that too) will help not only tight knitters but just about any problem one may have. Boy, I wish I had gotten new needles years ago! Oh, the things I might have made!! Well, there is time yet at least as long as my fingers keep moving properly. Thanks for your helpful info. I have learned so much. Do you have just a donate button somewhere? I really do not need any of the patterns but I would like to give some money toward the wonderful videos you produce. I hate to watch all your hard work for free!

  2. I love your videos and this one was no different. It helped me so much to ‘loosen my grip’! I feel like I can do anything when I watch your videos. Thanks a million. Love the pics of your dogs, too 🙂

  3. I have a grandson in Montana that loves warm wool socks. I decided to knit a pair or two for him. I thought Youtube might have something and sure enough, you popped up. I love the name veryPink and I have watched most of your sock videos. You are a marvelous teacher – so clear and easy to understand. You really took the scariness out of socks. I have always been a bit tight on my knitting; you nailed it, I am a tugger. Now I am armed and ready to take on those socks. Thank you for your wonderful tutorials and information.

  4. Hi Staci! I love knitting it is an addiction with me, but there is one problem i have….it is my tension. I can’t seem to get uniformed stitches. I need some help. I have held my yarn in a variety of ways and I have found one I am comfortable with but my tension isn’t consistent. There are times I want to give up knitting, but there are people that tell me to practice and have patience. When I do the ribbing(especially 1X1) my tension is not good. The stitches are not uniformed. Can you PLEASE help me??? I LOVE KNITTING SO MUCH!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  5. The people who are telling you to be patient and practice are correct. 🙂 If you have found a way of holding the yarn that feels good, you just need to keep practicing that exact way until your stitches become more and more uniform. I wish I had a different answer for you, but that’s what it’s going to take! I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly it happens.

    S t a c i

  6. I feel like you have seen me knitting! Yes, I give that tug!! However, my knitting is so uniform and looks great. Do you think this will change if I stop knitting tight?

  7. Linda – yes, you will probably see some tension issues for a short time, but that will straighten out. Overall, knitting a bit looser should help you enjoy knitting more!

    S t a c i

  8. I really got a laugh out of the “practically waterproof” comment. I used to be a really tight knitter – I self-taught and thought that was the right way to “control” the yarn, but I’ve since relaxed and enjoy knitting so much more now that it isn’t a power struggle against the yarn. 🙂

    (Using super huge needles helped too, though. It really forced me to be OK with loose stitches!)

    Thanks for the great videos – I love watching and learning from you!. 🙂

  9. I am a tight knitter! I’ve been wanting to loosen my knitting, so I’ll try your suggestions. I love that you’re not critical of the different ways people knit.

  10. Just curious- every time I knit a scarf, it curls. Is it because I am a tight knitter? I have tried blocking them and putting an opposite stitch on the end of each row. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Anne – I’m sure your work is curling because of the stitch combo you’re using, not because of your tension. Putting an opposite stitch at the end of each row is not enough to stop curling, especially if you’re knitting a scarf in stockinette (knit a row, purl a row). Your best bet is to find a pattern on Ravelry that is a scarf pattern in a stitch combo that will not curl. I often recommend this free pattern:

    S t a c i

  12. I love to knit. Kinda got it from my mother. I didnt realize that I was a tight knitter until my mother seen a hat I made. First thing out of her mouth was..wow your a tight knitter..why??, I took a look at the hat she made..and wow..HUGE difference.
    I watched your video here..When I knit..I am usually always in my recliner chair..and I am pretty relax..I don’t tug on the yarn either..but I just cannot find a way to “hold the yarn”, I believe THAT is why my stitches are so tight. I have learned to buy a extra skein of yarn and check my gauge, at least until I find out why I am such a tight knitted and fix it.
    love love all your vidoes.,and all your helpful tips. thanks

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