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  1. Wonderful video, Staci. I have searched a bit for the crochet hook/knitting needle combo. Can you share the source. I would love to grab up a handful for some fellow knitting friends. I carry crochet hoods in my bag.. but sometimes I need that extra needle to fix a mistake, too.

  2. Hi Staci!…I really enjoy watching your videos. I haven’t been knitting for very long, but I have learned to knit hats, socks and other items. I have been trying to find a pink box like yours, but I am not having any luck. (PINK is my favorite color)>>> I know what I am writing does not have anything to do with this video, but I had to tell you that I think you are so talented…pardon me for saying this, but you are pretty too. I wish you would come out with dvds. Staci, I want to ask you something. Is speed important in knitting? I am not very fast at it, but I am as relaxed as I can get. I LOVE TO KNIT…..I also can’t knit with both my hands holding the needles, like you do. It is hard for me. Is it important to hold both needles? I hope what I have written makes sense. Well I better let you go. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS!!

  3. Your knitting basket is so neat and organized. Mine doesn’t look anything like that! You’ve inspired me to clean up my stuff. Mine is an absolute mess! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Hello, your videos and knitting talent are wonderful. Socks are the important thing forme to learn and I thank you for your vids. Can you please tell me where and the name of your row counter. And can you buy thr videos to have for trips on dvd player?
    Thank you,

  5. I just found your site about a week ago and I love it! Has been very helpful in my sock knitting endeavors. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me where you found the small box that you keep your stitch markers, needles, etc. I love that it has the closures on top for each little compartment. Thanks in advance…=)

  6. I was wondering where you purchased your ring markers. I’ve been looking for smaller thinner ones that open. I have the rubbery type I think from Clover but I find them to be too fat and they don’t open. I also have the kind that do open but find they get in the way and are too big when knitting socks.

  7. Hey Staci can you please tell me where you got that little box that you keep your stitch makers and things in please ive been searching high and low for a box like this and can not find one!

  8. Hey first Thanks for a wonderfull webside 🙂 I’m from Denmark and I have found most of the things you have in your box in Denmark. But the big box you have I havent found, where can i find it??
    From Bettina.

  9. HI Bettina – most of the items you’ll see in my videos (including this one) are listed and linked on my Frequently Asked Questions page. The ring markers are from here. The large pink box is just a cheap box sold as a pencil box for school children – nothing fancy.

    Hope that helps!

    S t a c i

  10. Can’t thank you enough. I’ve gleaned so much from your tutorials and recommend them to anyone who wants to learn the “ins and outs” of knitting. Also love the products you’ve introduced me to, including those pretty metal beaded stitch markers and that little box you store your stitch markers in. It’s become an absolute essential for me. I have various sizes of stitch markers, tapestry needle, and bits of scrap yarn at hand for any situation.

  11. I love my Addie Turbo circular needles. But I finally measured one and found that the cable itself wasn’t the length mentioned in the size, the overall length (needle tip to needle tip) was the length on the size. Are all circular needles this way? When patterns specify a certain length of circular, is this supposed to be the cable length or the tip-to-tip length like my Addis? Thanks for explaining.

  12. Great, great video. Love the tools. Love your videos. I have learned SO much from you. I only have two tools to buy!!

  13. Great Video. Love your tutorial videos. Can you tell us the pattern source of the scarf you are wearing in the video. Thanks.

  14. Love you Staci. You singlehandlely have sold me on looking online for knitting info. I feel like a kindred spirit as our tools we use look nearly the same 🙂 Now is it really true you have no stash?? Hmmmm… I’m not sure i can do that??? Maybe i should tho, life would be uncluttered, but it is my retirement fund.

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