A Whiskey Birfday

I didn’t announce it here, but I recently got Whiskey River back in my home as a foster. I had him the first time back in the spring when he was a 4 month old – do check out this post if you want to be overwhelmed with puppy cuteness. His family just found out that they’re moving internationally, and they could not keep him. If he has to bounce back into the rescue system, I’m glad he gets to come back here with me.

Here is a photo of him back in May –

And here he is today, all grown up on his first birthday –

Well, I keep telling him he’s grown up today, but I’ve been around Basenjis long enough to know that he’s got another solid year of puppy behavior left to go.

Happy Birthday, Whiskey River! I’m glad you get to spend it here, on the way to your forever home.

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  1. oh my goodness, Whiskey River, happy birthday. I so wish I could be your forever home. I am afraid I am on the road too much right now to be a good mom. I did send your picture to our neighbor that has four kids! They would love love love you so much. If they would adopt you I could play with you, too. We shall see!

  2. Hi, is this Kell’s brother from the Graham 8? Dec 14th is Kell’s DOB. I am thinking 2 or 3 years of puppy left in Kell.

  3. Whiskey is handsome. He has a serious look about him with that mask and those eyebrows. I hope he finds a forever home soon. In the meantime, sounds like he’s going to have a great time you and Abe and the rest of the basenji gang.

  4. Hi!
    Sorry to hear Whiskey had to leave his family, but you are such a great dog mom, I’m sure he feels right back at home with you guys.
    I “can’t” knit, so it’s great to see some dog pics! They are such handsome boys. We lost one of our 2 Border Collies to cancer in October (age 12) so give your guys a big hug and know you are lucky to have each other while you can.
    Wishing you the best for Christmas and the year ahead.

  5. Happy Birthday Whiskey! I hope you find the good home full of lots of love that you deserve!! And I hope you know how lucky you are to have a foster mommy that loves you! Congrats on what you do btw – I can’t foster dogs because I fall in love and want to keep them! We already have 8 that were all homeless misfits! They are the reason I became a Dog Obedience Trainer – to help the ones who can’t help themselves!!

  6. Whiskey is such a gorgeous dog, I love his markings and coloring. I know nothing about the breed but he looks so cute. How wonderful of you to take him back, give him a home and some love. Also thank you for all the wonderful videos, I’m going on my first year of knitting and use your videos all the time. Still have lots to learn and loving every minute of it.


  7. I love your videos, they have really helped me with picking up a lost stitch, the lifeline to fix a mistake back……and also very happy to see you posting pics of dogs in foster homes. I’ve worked with animal rescues for years, and just recently helped get about 90 dogs/puppies out of a puppy mill bust in Bottineau, ND! I am going to try and make some fair isle hats (with dogs on them of course) to donate to rescues in ND and MN to raise some much needed money. I’ve been making beautiful sock monkey hats all winter, with all proceeds going to help them. Thanks so much, keep making your videos to help all of us “new” knitters out there!!

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