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  1. I have a pattern that tells me to do a knitted cast on in the middle of my work while working in the round. I don’t understand how I can do that. Can you please advise me?

  2. Hi Stephanie – hmm…I’m not sure! It seems to me that your working yarn is in the wrong place to work this cast-on in the middle of the row. After you CO the first stitch, your needles are going to be smashed together and very difficult to move. I always use the backwards loop CO when I need to CO in the middle of a row (round):

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  3. I typically use the knitted cast on, but now I’m wondering if the cast on row should count as the first row in the pattern. In this case I’m knitting the back of a sweater in stockinette stitch. Should then I start with a purl row?

  4. Hi Brenda – unless the pattern tells you otherwise, the CO row is NOT considered to be the first row of the work. The row you work after the CO is the first row.

    S t a c i

  5. Hi Staci, what cast on would you recommend for the double moss stitch? Also, which side of my work would be considered the right side.

    Thanks for all the techniques and tips.


  6. Bev – you can use any cast-on for the double moss stitch, it is essentially just a knit and purl stitch with no special stretchiness.

    You can call either side of the work the “right side”. With the long tail cast on (which I always use), I always consider the first row of knitting after the cast on to be the wrong side, so that the “twill” side is the right side. Totally up to you.

    S t a c i

  7. Thanks to this demonstration I can see I`ve been doing it wrong for 26 years,I didn`t know for years that I`d been doing the twisted knit stitch instead of the plain knit stitch and now I see I`ve been doing this wrong too.No wonder my first row is always so awkward and uncomfortable to knit.

  8. This is how I have always done the knitted cast on. However, I have a pattern that calls for a lace cast on. And by looking online I noticed that some call the lace stitch cast on and the knitted cast on the same, however, there are different versions were you don’t twist the yarn. And now I’m totally confused. I need this cast on because I’m making a shawl and it needs to be very stretchy. Thank you.

  9. i’ve been doing this all along when making hats in the round.i love it just didn’t know the name of it. what bo would be a good one for this co stitch?

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