Pardon the mess…

We’re currently working on updating verypink to make the site easier to navigate, and to allow me to separate the blogging part from the videos and patterns.

If you’re here from YouTube and you’re looking for the patterns used in the videos, please visit “Designs and Free Patterns“. That will take you to all of the patterns available, including video tutorials.

If you’re here to see a cute Basenji, here you go. 🙂

S t a c i

4 comments on “Pardon the mess…

  1. I’m a voice teacher (singer, too) and this guy has his mouth open perfectly! 😀 Wish all of students would take a cue from him. (Her?)

  2. Hi Staci
    Your sock tutorials were a life saver after I promised to knit some socks for my sister and then realised it wasn’t quite as easy as I thought. You made it really fun to follow. Thank you!


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