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  1. My problem is I’m lefthanded was never able to learn knitting like a righthanded person. I hold my needle with the stitches on it in my right hand and knit/purl them off with my left handed needle. I can knit continental or English this way as well, it’s just backwards. I prefer it this way, but when working certain patterns (like sweaters) it’s difficult because I have to reverse patterns, or switch stitches. That makes it rough, but I’ve tried knitting the other way and it’s not as smooth, and really just more stressful. Knitting should never be stressful, it’s always been relaxing. Thanks for your videos! They’ve helped with a lot of techniques that I’ve had trouble with. I love the ones that show how to knit in the round with DPN’s. I had almost given up on every being able to knit socks, then found your videos. Now I knit socks regularly, as well as fingerless gloves. And I knit a pair of leg warmers for my daughter.

    Anyway, Thanks so much,
    Kristine Wise

  2. So how exactly does purl work with right and left handed folks? What is the difference there?

    Thanks for explaining how it is I knit left handed even though I’m actually right handed. I learned to crochet long before I took up knitting 🙂

    Michele James

  3. Thank you so very much! I took up knitting to help with a diet (and its working) but thought I was doing it wrong as I couldn’t manage the ‘right handed’ throwing method. I have been crocheting since I was around ten and as soon as you said that, i laughed and felt so much better. I love the video selection and the patterns being made available to purchase with video’s too. Thank you and don’t stop!

  4. I guess I’m unique in that I “throw” with my left hand. I want to be a continental knitter for speed reasons, but I cannot get the hang of purling continentally, so I always end up going back to my original method.

  5. Thank you so much for your videos. I love them!

    This is the only one of your video that I don’t totally agree with.

    I am left-handed and knit left-handed. My preferred method is continental knitting. I do left-handed continental knitting, which means that I hold my yarn in my right hand, hook it with my left needle and move my stitches from my right to my left needle.

    What you describe in this video as left-handed knitting is, to me, right-handed continental knitting. I think that could be uncomfortable for some lefty folks, at least would be for me.

    But I love your videos! Looking forward to future ones. 🙂

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