2 Socks at-a-time on 2 Circulars

You asked for this tutorial, so here it is! Here’s how to avoid “second sock syndrome”. This series of seven videos guides you through knitting two socks at the same time, using two circular needles.

Materials Needed:
• 1 skein/hank of worsted-weight yarn, about 120-150 yards
• 2 size US 6 circular needles, at least 24″ in length (longer is better)
• Tapestry needle
• Gauge – 6 stitches to the inch in stockinette stitch

Pattern + links to seven instructional videos is $8.00 via PayPal.

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  1. Staci,

    Thank you so much for the 2 Socks at-a-time on 2 Circulars tutorials. Your instructions are the best. I’m enjoying Very Pink, it is most informative and so easy to find the information you need. Very Pink is my #1 place to visit. So happy that I found it. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

    Linda Lott

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I purchased a book on knitting two socks at a time and gave up. Thanks for being a inspiration. Love your videos.

  3. These videos are awesome! Like the poster before me, I tried to do this from written directions and thought it impossible. Your demonstrations make it seem much, much clearer and easier. I may just attempt it again, thanks to your wonderful, professional teaching style. I’m very impressed with your site overall. Glad to have found it!

  4. I love your tutorials.Always waiting for the next installment.Excellent top down camera angle.Instructions always clear and made easy. Would love a tutorial on twisted stitch? Keep them coming…waiting anxiously :o)

  5. Hi:

    YOur magic loop videos for socks are wonderful.. but you had a video that explained how to knit 2 pair of socks at same time on magic loop..
    It seems to have disappeared…I would dearly love to see this video.
    Do you think you could post this video again?

    watching and learning

  6. When I stumbled across your videos I was amazed that finally someone could explain this in detail. I was extremely frustrated with the two circulars and kept making numerous mistakes when making the socks, or switching to the wrong needles lol, I had no trouble with the double points of which numerous socks were made by me. You are the first person I have seen that is extremely thorough. thank you so much for doing this to help those that really need it. It’s a blessing. 🙂

  7. I love your videos. I used the magic loop series to do a pair of socks that I started on dpns — I’ll never go back, I don’t think.

  8. I’ve purchased the 2 Socks at-a-time on 2 Circulars
    pattern today. I was wondering if there is some way to copy the videos to view on my dvd player. My (older) eyes don’t care to view videos on a computer screen. Also if my computer goes down, I wouldn’t be able to watch the videos.

  9. Hi Karen – no, there is no way to put the videos on DVD from your computer, but you can make it so that the videos are easier to see on the computer. At the bottom of the YouTube video, you’ll see the number “360p”. If you click on that and select “720p” you will get HD quality video, which is much easier to see. Also, at the bottom right of the video, you’ll see a box with four arrows pointing out. If you click that, you will get a full-screen video.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  10. I love your tutorials, they are excellent, not boring, covers the stitches beautifully. Some videos I am ready to turn off as they drone on and one before they actually even start knitting. NOT YOU, thanks so much for that.
    I want to purchase the 2 at a time sock pattern and tut you have for sale. My question is if I use two size 6 needles, and learn this will I be able from your pattern to use other size needles and will I also be able to learn how to knit other sock patterns this way from learning the basics or will I have to look for two at a time patterns only?

  11. Thank you Staci! I have been trying to teach myself to knit for far too long. You have been able to show how easy it is and still have a sense of humor. I am referring all the knitters that I know to your website. Love your white cup. lol

  12. Dear Staci,

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful video and your easy to follow step-by-step downloaded pattern on “knitting 2 socks on circular needles”. I followed your instructions and watched your video to the letter and I’m very proud to say that I completed my first pair of socks on 2 pair of circular needles and this is my new and chosen way to knit socks from now on. Staci you increased my knowledge and confidence as a knitter and I just love all of your instructional videos.


    P.S. Would you recommend knitting 2 gloves on circular knitting needles at the same time? I think I’d like to try this. Would you recommend this or not?

  13. Staci,
    Do you have a pattern or link to that beautiful cape that’s behind you in the video?
    Love it!


  14. In knitting two socks at the same time the video tutorial for casting on does not make it clear which kneedle to start knitting with. Ie front or back and your hands are covering it up. Please can you add that information.
    Thank you

  15. I’m totally not getting this, having the same problem as Yvonne above me, not knowing which needle to start knitting with. I’ve got a huge mess in front of me!

  16. Hi Cindy – sorry, I responded to Yvonne’s question via email, but I didn’t post it to the page so others could read it, too!

    Here is my answer to her: Hi Yvonne – you always start knitting with back needle in your right hand, knitting from the stitches on the front needle.

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  17. Staci,
    I know the pattern says this fits an average women’s foot. But is there a way I could make these socks for guys feet? If so do I just have to increase the number of cast-on stitches I put on the needle? I tried 2 other socks for men patterns and some how they both didn’t match up right.
    Please let me know

  18. Hi Clara – this sock pattern is only offered in a women’s sizes. From my Frequently Asked Questions page:

    Q: Staci, I’ve knit your (pattern), and I’d like to modify it to fit other sizes. Can you help me?
    A: Most of my patterns and tutorials are designed to teach the skills and techniques you need to knit that item (socks, sweaters, etc.). Once you’ve finished a tutorial, you have what you need to know to move on to all kinds of similar patterns, available in all sizes. I’m sorry – resizing a pattern is not a quick or simple thing.

    My Toe-Up Magic Loop pattern is offered in a men’s size, and my upcoming 2 Socks at-a-time, Magic Loop pattern will also offer a men’s size.

    S t a c i

  19. Staci – For the 2 socks at a time, Magic Loop will you have a new pattern or use one that you have already done. Will the pattern be sized for both men and womens sizes. And when might the pattern be available for purchase.

  20. Marilyn – yes, I have a new pattern coming out for 2 socks at a time, magic loop – and it will be available before the end of 2012. It is a unique pattern to anything else I’ve released, because it has a new (and and awesome!) heel. The pattern will be sized for both men and women, and it will include instructions for worsted-weight (for learning), and sock weight yarn.

    S t a c i

  21. Hi Staci! I was wondering. If you have ever tried 2@ a time on one circular needle. If you would be so kind and make a free pattern and video I would be very happy. Thank you for all of your videos

  22. I have just found your videos and they are wonderful.

    It has been years since I knitted but I used to do socks with 5 needles. I really like this magic loop thing….also the toe up sock as I never get the top of the cuff to be right.
    Can I do two socks at a time from the toe up? You don’t have a tutorial on that too? I am afraid too many of my projects have ended up with only one done

  23. Hi Marion – thank you for the note. I don’t yet have a tutorial for 2 socks at-a-time, magic loop – but I’ve had several requests for it!
    S t a c i

  24. Staci

    Knitting 2 socks at a time is for me! I love to check in with you to see what you are doing. You are very easy to understand when you explain your project. Your beginner designs are great. I like the green Summer sweater. It’s nice in a heavier yarn to wear over a long sleeve T Shirt. I like everything you do . Thank you.
    May I tell you how I learned to knit? No one in my family knew anything about knitting and I wanted so to learn. My grandfather made a set of needles out of wood and surprised me saying ” Now I want to see something to wear”I wanted to surprise him so I got a knitting book at the 5 and 10 cents store for 10 cents and made a simple scarf I must say it wasn’t bad.I was about 12_______________I think. I’ am 77 now and I still love to knit.

  25. Hi Staci,

    I LOVE your site and videos. I’ve learnt so much. I especially loved the Shaker Dishcloths and shakers that you posted on your website. I purchased the pattern and Finished my first shaker in one Day !! 🙂 I have a question for you though– How Do you knit letters? I made a scarf for a friend and she wants our University Logo on it (Its a big Bold orange colored “S” — Syracuse University – I wish I could attach a pic here) So, How do I knit Letters? Please Please help me out.
    Thanks a ton !

  26. Hi there,

    I have just completed my very first pair of socks thanks to your wonderful tutorial!!! I am a beginner, having only completed a knitted scarf before and I had my work cut out for me in following this pattern. I just want to make sure all my hard work doesn’t unravel, and want to double check finishing the project. In your video you say just weave in the tail but the pattern reads “anchor at the side, weave in the tail”. Does anchor mean something special a beginner like me wouldn’t know about?

    Thanks in Advance!
    Monica, CA

  27. Hi Ann – if you take a look at any page on my website, you’ll see that there are a bunch of buttons on the left side of the page. These are links to where you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, follow me on Facebook, or even sign up for email updates for when I release a video.

    S t a c i

  28. Your readers have asked good questions but I’m determined I’m going to learn to knit even one sock on the circular needle and then, I’ll get brave enuf to learn to do two. This past year has been upsetting but I’m always trying to learn something new since I’ve been knitting for years! Socks were never my thing as I don’t like DPN’s & thought that the circular needle would work better since that’s what I use most of the time, including hats done w/Fun Fur & another light yarn. Some I’ve made have been in a heavier yarn but it depends where the person lives that gets it!! Thanks a bunch in advance!!!!


  29. hello, I’ve learned a lot from you ,thank you. My new quest is trying to knit a three hole ski mask. do you have a video tutorial on making one? I can’t seem to find info on doing this. Again thanks, Bob

  30. Hi Staci–I just had to come on here and tell you that I’ve been watching your sock videos. I’m determined to gift socks and gloves for Christmas this year. I have to tell you, that I’ve been knitting off and on for several years. But you have solved one of life’s great mysteries for me. Right at the top of the video, you explained how to find the end of the yarn in the center of the skein. I never knew that there was a specific end to pull the end from. So, as always, thanks for all of the great advice. Looking forward to Wed. Can I ask when the Tunisian Crochet tutorial for the Shaker Dishcloths? I saw them on your Facebook page….gorgeous!!! I’m thinking about housewarming gifts!

  31. Hi Stacy does this pattern give directions for different yarn weights or is it only for worsted weight yarn? I’ve never purchased a pattern from you, so I’m not sure what to expect. I love your detailed videos 🙂

  32. Kelly – this sock pattern is only for worsted-weight yarn…my other sock patterns vary. Some are for worsted-only, some are for worsted & sock, some are for DK weight.

    S t a c i

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