Learn to Felt – Easter Basket

You have plenty of time to make this basket before Easter! Well, depending on when you’re reading this. This Easter Basket is knit up with double-strands of worsted yarn and size 10.5 or 11 needles. That means you’ll have a finished basket, ready to felt, in just a few evenings of knitting.

Pattern includes links to 6 instructional videos, and also includes instructions for two sizes, in either stripes or gingham design.

Larger size measurements after felting: approx 12” x 6”, 4.5” high
Smaller size measurements after felting: approx 6″ x 6″, 4.5″ high

Materials needed:

The yarn amounts below are enough for the larger basket. The smaller basket will require slightly less yarn.
Yarn for Striped Version:
• 440 yards of worsted-weight, 100% wool (I used a light blue color in the sample)
• 220 yards of worsted-weight, 100% wool (I used a tan color in the sample)
• 220 yards of worsted-weight, 100% wool (I used a navy color in the sample)

Yarn for Gingham Version:
• 440 yards of worsted-weight, 100% wool (I used a dark pink color in the sample)
• 220 yards of worsted-weight, 100% wool (I used a lighter pink color in the sample)
• 220 yards of worsted-weight, 100% wool (I used a natural color in the sample)

Additional Materials:
• Size 10.5 or 11 US, 24” circular needles
• Size 10.5 or 11 US double-pointed needles
• Stitch marker
• Tapestry needle

Gauge: 3 stitches per inch

This pattern is available in three different formats, each includes links to 6-part video tutorial:

1. PDF Pattern, traditional and printable. $8.00 via PayPal

2. Amazon Kindle digital download (suitable for Kindle devices and devices that use the Kindle app): $6.00 US.

3. eReader (For non-Kindle eReaders, like Sony eReader and Barnes & Noble Nook, or any device using the Google Play Books app) $6.72 US

Preview of instructional videos:

18 comments on “Learn to Felt – Easter Basket

  1. hi stacy,
    i want to buy the easter basket tutorial – can’t get in cart or pay pal.


  2. I’ve been interested in felting for quite awhile but always afraid.Thanks for such a detailed tutorial. Gotta go get into my stash and start a basket:o) All fears are gone,can’t wait!

  3. Hi Staci,
    I have received my patterns, thank you!
    A question, I have never used 2strands for knitting, do I cast on using the 2 strands?

  4. When you are felting something, how can you be sure the inside parts dont felt together? Like, the front sticking to the back or something.

  5. Hi Rachel – You can’t really ever be sure, but in all my felting experience, I’ve never had stuff stick together. That could also be because I always check things while they’re felting, and I have never felted something with a pocket or something (that would stand a much higher chance of felting closed).

    S t a c i

  6. Hi Staci,

    I have made 3 baskets. one large, one small and another small (which isn’t felted yet.)
    The large one is pretty floppy, the smaller one stands up great and holds it’s shape. Do you think I could take the larger one to felt again when I felt the last basket? I did them at the laundromat because I have a front loading washer. When I felted the first two I did them for the same amount of time – with different outcomes.

  7. Hi Roseanna – yes, I would felt the bigger basket again, until it’s able to hold it’s shape well on it’s own. You want it to be pretty sturdy, not floppy at all.

    It’s strange – felting doesn’t appear to be a science. 🙂 You can take the same yarn, same washing machine and still come up with different times on felting items. I wish I could explain it! It’s always an adventure.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.
    S t a c i

  8. I started to work on the handles, and have watched your video. I understand the concept, but the handles appear to be off center. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

  9. Hi Fran –

    If your handles are off, it could be for a couple of different reasons. First, are you sure your marker didn’t fall out, moving the beginning of your round to a new spot? This would throw off the count if it did. Also, did you make sure that you neither added or subtracted stitches while knitting the sides of the basket? Any extra or missing stitches would also throw the count off.

    Hope that helps. Please get back in touch with me if you need any more help.
    S t a c i

  10. Hello thank you very much for the Easter basket pattern I cannot wait to start making it. I love your tutorials and website so very much and appreciate all your help in teaching with these wonderful videos. I love knitting and learning. After the Easter baskets I’m going to attempt socks!!! Have a wonderful day thanks again for the pattern ..

    Happy Knitting

    Tamera 🙂

  11. Hi Staci,
    Just bought the pattern for E-basket & felting. I don’t know how to use the patterns and the videos together after buying. Do you know when we buy and let us have the links to your tutorials? Can you explain it to me as I will be buying several of them soon such as toe up socks, etc. Just need to know how it all works so I don’t lose sleep. Thanks!

  12. Hi Lin – You have everything you need! When you follow along the pattern, you’ll see links that direct you to the videos that you’ll need for the next part.

    Please let me know if you need anything else.
    S t a c i

  13. Hi Staci! I’m so excited I just finished my first basket and I’m ready to felt it. A couple of questions:

    1. Does water level matter?

    2. Should I use some type of detergent?

    Thanks so much again for your lovely E-basket pattern.


  14. Hi Belinda – Great job on your finished basket! To answer your questions –

    I always set the water level to low. Makes it easier to fish out the basket (or whatever you’re felting) to check on it’s progress. And I never use detergent. Different people will say different things, but this is how I do it.

    S t a c i

  15. My Easter baskets were a hit! I had time to make three for my grandchildren, now I’m making a large one for me. Once again thanks for the lovely patterns.


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