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  1. Thank you! This is a great tutorial. I am Queen of the Yarn over but I am learnin’. (I also do all my knitting through the back loop I think, but that’s another story).

  2. Thank you for this post. I have been having trouble with holes in my work and I have no idea how they got there. Now I know. Thanks!! I also checked on youtube for your videos on how to M1 right because I never could get it to work for me. Thanks to your video, I see where I was going wrong–I had actually watched another video but it was completely different than yours. I don’t know why I didn’t check your videos first–they are so easy to understand. Now I can’t wait to cast on for my second toe-up sock. Sorry for the long comment. Thanks again–take care.

  3. Thank you for the tutorials. Whenever, I need help I know where to go. Your tutorials are so informative. I have one request, would you please do a tutorial on how to pick up a dropped garter stitch?

  4. This was very helpful I have just finished a project and found I had holes and unsure how they got there and now I know it was because I did the M1 stitches wrong thank you very much for all your video’s they are awesome very very helpful.

  5. Hi Staci:

    Me again. I’m getting close to the ends of my tethers. I am working on the Bayside Pullover out of the Coastal Knits book. Without a word of exaggeration I am on my FOURTEENTH attempt at this sweater. I do consider myself a novice but with your help I have knitted a few pairs of socks in my short knitting career. But this pattern is killing me. I manage to make something stupid as I am going along. Just now I forgot to knit the cable twists and I watched your videos on tinking but I am wondering if there is yet another gadget that I can use to help me with my attention to these details. I am convinced that I will be able to get through this project eventually. Any words of wisdom?

  6. Patricia – all I can tell you is to use a row counter, and pay close attention to where you are in the pattern. If the pattern is asking you to keep track of more than one count at a time, you might benefit from the apps that are available for cell phones. These counters can keep count of several things at once. I like the free app for iPhone called Stitch Minder.

    You might also find it helpful to visit the project page for this pattern on Ravelry. People often share pattern-specific advice there.

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  7. Hi Staci,

    I only found your website last week and I can’t tell you how many wonderful things I’ve learned! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

    So I found a hole in the arm of a sweater I’m working on (my first sweater). Is there a way to fix it while it is still on the needles, or should I use scrap yarn to sort of stitch up the hole after the sleeve is done?

    Would you consider doing a future video on joining a piece to knit a möbius in the round? I have a double “butterfly” looking möbius because I must have joined it wrong. It was impossible to tell that it was wrong for quite a while since the piece was long (to go over the shoulders) and knit with fingering weight yarn.

    Thank you!

  8. Hi, Staci.

    I have a question about joining a new ball of yarn in the middle of the work. I’m using the technique you’ve shown on several videos where you simply fold the new yarn over the right needle (inserted into the next stitch) and just start knitting. But whenever I do this, I end up with a small hole in the middle of my fabric. How do you avoid this? Or am I doing something wrong? I tried to find a video specific to joining in a new ball of yarn but all I could find was the spit splicing one, which I don’t think will work with a machine washable wool (or will it)?


  9. Jody – the way you’re describing to add a new ball of yarn (which I do show in videos) can only be done at the edges of the work, or the beginning of the round. If a small hole does appear, you can always use the end hanging there to close it up when you weave in the end.

    You might also find this video helpful: http://verypink.com/2014/02/05/russian-join/

    S t a c i

  10. Please help with raglan sleeve picking up stitches to prevent holes,large gaps, when knitting the sweater body. How to choose the right cast on that works for underarms . Please any technique will greatly be appreciated!!!

    Thank you and have a great day!!

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