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  1. Hi Staci,
    Thanks for the video! I’ve seen other instructions that want you to do an initial set-up of the first two stitches, but you started right in on the grafting. I’m assuming that you haven’t had any problems with it coming apart? I just have nightmares of my toes unraveling because I didn’t do the set-up. I like your way better as it’s easier to remember and you didn’t have those annoying “ears” at the edges either. Thanks again!!

  2. HI Staci:
    Thanks for the kitchener stitch video/tutorial…. that would be a great help when I tackle sock knitting…. Is there a video on how to PREVENT those ladders when doing dpns? It seems dpns and I aren’t friends… Hope you can rescue me! Thanks so much!

  3. For some reason I always have a problem with the Kitchener stitch and never get a smooth finish.. Here’s hoping…

  4. Thanks so much for breaking it down into baby steps. It makes it so much easier to remember when you said it is a “four stitch sequence.” Never thought of it that way and you made it “click” in my brain and let me tell you, that is not easy to do. Thanks again Staci!

  5. Hi Debbie – no, I don’t have a video on how to prevent ladders between the needles when you’re working with DPNS. πŸ™‚ Here’s my advice – watch your tension. If you’re pulling too hard you’re more likely to leave a ladder than if you’re knitting too loosely. Also, ladders usually block out when you’re finished knitting.

    S t a c i

  6. Hi Staci

    I am working on the “Learn to Knit Mittens” mittens and am a little confused about the “decreasing hand” section. It says “Setup Round: K 20, PM, knit to end. (Make sure to remember which marker is the beginning of the round and which one is the half-way point!) But you don’t tell me to place two markers only one. ???

    Please help!

    Thanx – Shauna

  7. I have long despised any kind of seaming, and used a 3 needle bindoff on socks instead…I don’t mind the ridge inside, my grandchildren DO. This is the first video that has worked for me….and you made it so simple…by explaining it was a 4 stitch maneuver (sp?), and the “mantra” you use, and also holding the needles as you do. I’ve been knitting for so long I’m embarrassed to sign up for a class, and your vids have proved to be invaluable. I closed up the toe on a tiny sock as I watched, and for the first time, the seam did what it was supposed to do…it looked like a row of knitting, and I maintained the tension properly. Now, I can just pull up your vid each time until I get used to it……Thank you SO much.

  8. I have learned so much from your site!!! The video demonstrations are so clearly shot and you are so concise and clear in your explanations. I have no fear of new techniques, now!!!! thank you thank you thank you.

  9. Wow ! Wow! I have learnt so much from you . You are so easy to follow . Can’t wait to try it out ! I particularly like the 2 tone BUT will start off with just one colour first to get myself familiar with the stitches . Thank you ????

  10. I’ve seen other videos, but yours is the best. I’ve done grafting but it hasn’t always been as neat as I would like. Thankyou so much, I’m sure I’ll do better in future.

  11. working on the mittens, everything is great until the decreases. There is only one marker, and I am not sure how to do round one, do I use 2 markers??? So I am going to work round 1 stitches 2 times in that round and then start round 2 of just knitting. I really hope you can understand that cause I don’t know how else to say it. Thanks for all the patterns and great videos πŸ™‚

  12. I feel like an idiot. I even posted a request for help on Ravelry. Nada! I knitted a very nice shawl for my sister’s 80th birthday that’s coming up very soon. Got all the way down to the grafting and watched your video on the kitchener stitch. I’ve been knitting just under three years but have not done the kitchener stitch on such a large project before. My biggest mistake? Not completing it in one sitting. Further details are boring, so let’s just say I now have 90% of it showing somewhat of a very ugly and poor job of kitchener stitch seam on the right side of the shawl. Is there a “smart” way to take this out and start over with the grafting? Thanks, Staci! I really hope you can help me. There’s a lot of work in this shawl.

  13. Oh, Debbie – I’m sorry you’re having such trouble on your sister’s gift!

    Here’s my advice. Gently tug-tug-tug on the seam, close to where you made your last kitchener stitch, until you can find what is loose. Use your tapestry needle to pull that last stitch out. Then tug again until you see what is loose, and pull the next stitch out. It’s a bit tedious, but it works. Be patient, pull out the grafting, and rework it. I don’t have to tell you that it goes better if you do it in one sitting. πŸ™‚

    Good luck! I hope that helps.
    S t a c i

  14. Staci

    I just want to THANK you because I learn so much through your videos! no matter what I’m trying to knit, at the end I always come back again and again for some help.

    Thanks a lot!

    I will be sending you my video about why do I knit soon!

  15. Hello u Wonderful Woman! U make me feel like i’m cheating on my Grandma! πŸ˜‰ i need to see how u cast off the last two stitches! I am so excited and reinvigorated with knitting since i found ur site! Thank u so much for what ur doing here.

  16. Tabu – on the last two stitches, you go through the same process with what you have left –

    Front needle: put needle in knit-wise, pull stitch off
    Back needle: put needle in purl-wise, pull stitch off

    Hope that helps!
    S t a c i

  17. Thank you so much for this video! I was having trouble doing the Kitchener stitch on the Christmas stocking I am making. Read my books and watch other videos, but yours is the best. Your tip to tug after the 4-stitch sequence made all the difference!

  18. Hi Staci Just wanted to say a big thanks for your videos. They are really clear and easy to follow. I’ve learned so much through them. Everytime I have not to sure what I am doing I go straight to your site – verypink.com. Just wish we had someone like you in the UK.
    Happy New Year and many thanks for your hard work for us newbies and experts.

  19. Hi,

    Thanks! I’m just finishing up my first bottom-up yoked sweater, and this video helped me through the grafting of the underarm stitches. After a little practice, this technique made for a nice, even join……but there’s still a gap on either side of the grafted stitches. Any suggestions on how to fix this for a clean finish? Thanks for all the great videos.


  20. THANK YOU! I dove into a garment pattern without knowing I would need this to seam up the side but I knew I could come here and find a clear and simple explanation on how to get’er’done! You saved the day. Again. πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Staci. It’s been a long time since I needed to do the Kitchener stitch and could not remember it. Just watched your video and finished my 2 Christmas stockings in minutes! Thank You!!! I love your videos and your patterns!

  22. Thank you so much! I had forgotten the kitchener stitch and needed it to close up a little project. The directions in the pattern I’m using confused me more than anything. Your videos are so wonderful! Thank you for posting this!

  23. What a fantastic video about the Kitchener stitch. I notice you don’t do the setup stitches, which is a relief because I always find that those extra stitches levee a bump in that corner. Many thanks for your help!

  24. Thanks for you helpful videos, you are my go to knit help girl! Having said that I note that some people include a 2 step set up before starting the repeated Kitchener stitch – purl through front stitch, knit through back stitch with needle and thread. Is this necessary?

  25. Is using the Kitchener stitch to join a tube worked in the round possible? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to graft two ends of a tube together, when both ends of the tube have live stitches? I’m working on a free pattern for a knit tube, stuffed with fluff, then with the stitches live on both ends it’s all worked into a knot work pillow, then the live stitches are grafted together. The pattern doesn’t say how to do this.

    Thanks for any help you can give,

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