7 comments on “Welcome to Verypink Knits!

  1. Hah! What a hoot. I like when you held up the gauntlets and say, “The pattern is called…” I don’t know why that makes me laugh. Tell Parker he’s hilarious.

  2. I like! Please keep creating your patterns and videos! It is such a source of joy, education, inspiration for so many of us out here!
    Any chance of a basic Entrelac pattern? I haven’t seen one here yet.

    Hope the Plantar tendon is healing too!
    You have inspired me to download the app and try it!
    All the best,


  3. I just found this site and I Love It. I also noticed that you Throw but it looks similar to picking ,a technique I have been trying to use. Do you have a video teaching how to hold the yarn and throw it like you do?

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