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Back in May, I wrote about how I’d started the Couch to 5K (C25K) running program, then in June I mentioned that I was suffering foot pain and had to stop running.

I want to post an update, since I know that some of you (including both of my sisters) have started the program with me.

I stopped running for the month of July, and swam laps instead. I also bought the ugliest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned so that I could run in the pool. My goal was to keep up the routine and the level of conditioning I had achieved so that I could get running on land again ASAP. I didn’t really enjoy swimming. I am a land mammal.

The Ugliest Shoes Ever.

A few weeks ago I decided to give running a try. My foot still hurt, but it had improved some. I started back on Week 1, Day 1 of the program, which involves more walking than running. I honestly didn’t know if I was going to run for 60 seconds, then have to limp home. But I was fine!

Since then, I’ve been moving very gradually through the C25K program. Before my foot injury, I was excited to quickly hit that 5K goal. This time, I’m repeating each week a few times, which seems to be allowing my foot to keep up with the increased impact.

Here in Austin, we’ve had something like 60 days straight of temps over 100 degrees. I think I’ll enjoy running even more when it cools down to, say, a brisk 95 degrees. Ha.

This happy little African dog loves the heat, and doesn’t understand why humans complain about it.

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  1. It’s very encouraging to hear what you’re doing. I live in the same region of the usa as you, and while I haven’t experienced the foot problems you have, I have to say the heat has just about killed me. So, I’m surrendering to the heat and realize my energy will come back when the temps start going down. If that ever happens. Every year at this time I start to feel that it will be hot and humid

  2. Hey Staci, The dog is cute. We sitted one Basenji some time ago. Can you imagine his behavior in German winter? “Uh, snow, I don´t have to pee for hours.” And in the summer: “Come on it´s only 35°C you cannot just walk home again.”
    I started fitness, too. But i´m doing the circle training- I hate running *sorry* It feels good to increase the condition level, doesn´t it?

  3. I’m with you on the shoes Staci.. I purchased a similar pair of ugly shoes when on holiday last year in Nice, France where the beeches are pebbles and stones and impossible to walk on or swim without footwear..

  4. I had similar problems and the answer for me was stretching – yoga – in particular down-faced dig works wonders.

  5. Hi Staci! Glad to hear you are feeling better and pounding the pavement again! Interestingly enough, a reader in Runner’s World mag this month mentioned that she had chronic plantar-fasciitis and that the only thing that worked for her was rolling her foot over a frozen golf ball (which was suggested in a previous issue)?! Who knew?!

  6. I have been enjoying your videos on youtube for awhile. They have certainly helped me on my knitting journey. Just today I came over here to your website and discovered that you are a fellow Central Texan! I am a little east of Austin in Bastrop county. Please keep cool (don’t know how you runners can stand this horrible heat!).

  7. Hi Staci – definitely enjoying both your site and your youtube videos. I made the baby raglan sweater and the gifted mom loved it ! Then I started the baby sack. Next up – the eyelet baby blanket for a new baby boy to be born soon. I live in Fresno – similar temps, but we don’t have the humidity that you do. I’m from the east coast, so I’m familiar with that weather. We’re in the 100’s til early October often! Thanks for all the great work you do. I finally feel able to do more things because I’m a visual learner and once I see you do it, then I can easily follow the instructions.

  8. A late comment; I hope you’re still running. (And enjoying it!) I find that I get problems like these by adding mileage too quickly. I started running again after a very long hiatus and am running about 30-35 minutes every other day (at a distance of around 4.9k), with a 60 minute run for each 3rd run (every 6 days).

    For me the goal is simply increased fitness, health, etc. I think keeping your goals reasonable (whatever that means) can help you avoid overtraining injuries. I started piling on the mileage at one point and then my left knee started bothering me, then on one run one of my calves just started hurting and I had to hobble home. That was my wake up call to go easy. Now I’m pain free.

    As to stretching, my reading on that is that it’s not clear that it’s always helpful, although it certainly does feel good. I think the problem with it is that it’s too easy to overstretch, which leads to injuries.

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