8 comments on “Reinserting Needle into Live Stitches

  1. Thank You for showing me this could have used it about 2 weeks ago LOL. Is there anyway you could show us how to pick up dropped stitches from lets say about 20 rows down? on a lace stitch. Thanks like the help love the patterns and enjoy the step by step instructions.

  2. You are my “go to” every time I have an issue. Thanks for posting such clear, concise instructions and videos!! KISS = Keep It Simple Staci ….

  3. Thanks for yet another great video…doesn’t matter how long you’ve been knitting, there are always those “little things” in the fundamentals that deserve a second look. I don’t have a group I can meet with anymore, so I’m so happy to have found your site. If you ever decide to do a “fly-by” class in the Carolinas, let us know!

  4. Hi Staci,

    You are wearing the most *Beautiful* black cardigan in this video. If it is something which you designed, could you please tell me where it is on your web site?

    If it’s not a Staci design, could you please nevertheless tell me where the pattern is found?

    Btw…I just finished your lovely Cropped Cardi and I am presently unraveling my father’s size 12 socks (because everything fit *except* for the bind off.

    I LOVE your videos and patterns, and I hope to knit your black cardigan from this video. Thanks ever so!

    • Thanks ever so!

      Any chance that you’ll ever make a how-to video of this sweater?

      Btw…I live in Ontario, Canada and I never travel. So you can wear your sweater, safe in the knowledge that we’ll probably never be in the same room wearing the same sweater! 😉

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