3 comments on “Knitting Without Looking

  1. Just wanted to tell you Staci that since I have been watching you tutorials I have learned so much and am continuing to learn more.

    LOL I have been knitting for over 30 years and thought I knew all about knitting.

    Thank you so much for your helpful tutorials.


  2. Thank you for this challenge. My husband & I drove from PA to FL last month and I decided to try and master this art of knitting without looking. I started by not looking for 5 stitches, then 10, etc. I had the hang of it in no time and it sure made the trip more enjoyable since I was able to talk with my husband about the passing scenery, etc. Now I CAN watch TV shows, movies at home and enjoy conversation without constantly looking at each stitch I am knitting. You’ve given me a real sense of freedom. Thanks!

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