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  1. Have you noticed your home page on your website? It is different and I couldn’t get to this link unless I had to type verypink.com/2012/04/25
    to see what new stuff you have this week… Love this video! I am going to have to check out the scarf!! THANKS!

  2. You need click the “blog” button on the right. There are 4 light blue links with pink letters 🙂
    And you are in the blog section with new staff 🙂

  3. We’re working on redesigning the home page. Where there used to be images, there are just text placeholders right now. 🙂 Everything is okay.

  4. ANOTHER great tutorial Staci – THANK YOU so much. Congratulations on your success – I think you’re just THE BEST!!!!

  5. Staci! Thanks so much for answering the technique question I had on making Fringe! I may try it on the ends of my entrelac scarf!

    Janet G.

  6. Hi Staci, I have a pattern that calls for a figure 8 cast on. Do you have a cast on method that is similar and maybe named something different. I browsed through your videos but didn’t see the figure 8. I watched a couple of youtube videos and wow are they confusing. Thx in advance! Kathy

    PS. Your videos are great!

  7. Hi Kathy – no, I don’t have a video on the Figure 8 cast-on, but I do have a video demonstrating a different provisional cast-on –

    The one I demonstrate in this video is my favorite provisional CO, because I think it is the easiest to work, and creates the best results. You should be able to substitute this CO for the Figure 8 that your pattern calls for.

    Good Luck!
    S t a c i

  8. Hi Staci,
    I enjoy your videos very much! Today I watch the video on making tassels, which was very well done. I purchased the “Baby Shower Countdown” book right after seeing the video because of the adorable hot pink hat that you showed. I knit baby hats for a hospital in northern Wisconsin because the facility was so very good to me last year that I want to give back in my own way. Anyway. . . the design on the pink hat is not shown in the pattern and was wondering if you have it or if I can get that? Love the design, color, style, etc. about the hat, just way too cute!! Also what yarn did you use for the pink hat?

    Also, I watched the picot edge video that you have as well. And that hat is adorable too! I just love your ideas and you explain everything so well, it is a joy to watch and learn from you.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  9. I love the scarf pattern. I need to know if this pattern is available in Ravelry.Please provide pattern information. I tried to find it in Ravelry no luck.

    You are the best!!!. You beatiful and very talented.

    Thank you so much.

  10. Hi Staci,

    I will be adding fringe based on this tutorial! I love it! Thanks! Quick question though…what is the cowl pattern that you are wearing and what is the shawl pattern to the left and behind you? Thanks so much!

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