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  1. I love this edge. I can’t wait to try it on a preemie hat I’m making. Do you have a video on a rolled hem?
    Keep up the great work!!! You are such an inspiration to me. Someday I hope to take a class from you in person.

  2. Grace Mae – this video essentially shows how to work a rolled hem. To work a plain (non picot) rolled hem, just purl a row for the fold instead of working the k2tog/yo combo. That will give you a plain, folded edge.

  3. I always get excited when I see an email from verypink because I know I will learn something special. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the
    rest of us.

  4. Staci,
    Very cool idea to add the color change! I will have to try that….I was thinking it would be difficult to get it straight…and see that …you found a way to make it easy.
    Thanks for another great idea!

  5. This looks like a very difficult and detailed edge… I might never have tried it. But as always, you enlighten us all. It IS so simple — THANKS!!

  6. Wow, this came at the perfect time. I’m just finishing up a baby sweater with a picot hem and was wondering how to sew it down. Thanks for this video, it helped a ton. And I love the ending!

  7. Yes, I can’t wait to try this on some baby preemie hats I’m making and also some dish towels for a wedding gift.
    I think this edge is really nice for anything you want to add something pretty but not overwhelming. I want to try it on a book cover.

  8. I truly enjoy your tutorials and learn so much from them. Please keep them coming and thank you.

  9. I love your video tutorials — Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow, and always professiionally delivered in your beautiful knitting studio. I would appreciate it if you would produce a video tutorial for a 4-stitch picot bind-off, with 2 knitted cast on stitches, followed by 4 bind off stitches.

    Thank you!!!

  10. Ok. Watched the video and ran into some questions. I tried making the raglan sleeved sweater from the video posted a few weeks ago and decided for the 2nd doll sweater I would try a picot edge (yes, not quite brave enough attempting a sweater for a real person yet–almost, though hehe). I am not sure what happen, but the picot row does not stand out much different than some of the other edges I have tried.

    I did the sleeves a little different though and added an extra knit stitch so mine went more like *K1, YO,k2tog, YO*, but it still doesn’t look much different.

    Would smaller/larger needles make the edge stand out more or perhaps a different decrease method?

    I do subscribe to Ravelry, but I must confess: I refer to this website quite frequently when I get stuck–and voila–you have a video or article already! Your videos and tips are wonderful! Thanks so much for keeping your site current.

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