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  1. Thanks Staci for another great video. I needed to hear that and see how to avoid it. What pattern are you using for your sock and what size needle? I like that pattern but I also like the yarn. I love sock knitting thanks to your videos. You make everything more clear. Blessings for all your hard work.

  2. Thanks so much. I had no idea on what I was doing wrong. Can’t wait to start a new pair of socks. Your videos are so helpful . Thanks again

  3. Thanks so much – this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks also for your “2 Socks at-a-time on 2 Circulars” on YouTube, which got me started on my first two-at-a-time project.

  4. Staci,

    I am new to knitting and I just finished my first dpn project. I didn’t know anything about ladders; however, I noticed that the stitches in between needles got loose after the first few rounds. I alleviated that by thinking, What if I just knit one or two (I usually used two) stitches off the next needle on to the last one each time around (the needles still have the same amount of stitches after each round) and the ladders stopped.

  5. Staci..is there a way to FIX ladders for us beginners who haven’t quite learned how to avoid them?

  6. Kim – your best option for fixing ladders is to wash/block your finished item (following the washing directions on the yarn label). Wool and other animal fibers are especially forgiving when it comes to little tension issues like this.

    S t a c i

  7. Hi Staci,

    Thanks for all you do! I always learn something new, even if I look at a tutorial meant to help a beginner knitter.

    I thought a ladder was something like what I created while using dp needles. During one project I caused a raised column of stitches rather than open-looking rungs that I saw on your video. Perhaps both are referred to as ladders. Anyway, the trick I learned that solved my problem was not to pull the first stitch on the next needle, but to pull snugly the second stitch. It worked so well for me that I used this technique successfully with my first attempt of Magic Loop knitting too.

    Keep the videos coming and thanks again.


  8. I’m knitting my first ever hat for my first grandchild. I have noticed the ladders happening but I didn’t know what to call the loose stitches where I have pulled my project into place to knit from the left needle. I have been inserting a spare DPN into the stitches that have the ladder and gently evening out the stitches. I have had a few rounds where the stitches would barely go over the needle when pulling them onto the left needle.

    What I am wondering is why are the cords so thin? Are they available?
    I understand a thin cord when knitting with small needles but when above a 4mm it seems they need to have a thicker cord holding all the lovely knit stitches.
    I have thought of this for an upcoming project of a blanket in a bulky yarn.

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