New Series – Crochet for Knitters!

Even if you’ve never crocheted before, being at least a little bit handy with a crochet hook will only make your knitting better!

We’re jumpstarting this series with three Crochet for Knitters videos. The first is an intro, then we go on to the two most basic stitches – chain stitch, and single crochet.

More Crochet for Knitters videos in the weeks to come!

Information on things you’ll see in these videos:

The sweater on the mannequin is the Saroyan Scarf, designed by Liz Abinante. Free pattern and video tutorial here.

The sweater I’m wearing is the Featherweight Cardigan. I knit mine with Malabrigo Lace yarn.

The yarn I’m using for demonstration is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, and the size N metal crochet hook is Susan Bates.

34 comments on “New Series – Crochet for Knitters!

  1. I’ve been interested in crochet for a while now, but have hesitated to learn. You are my go-to yarn crafts teacher and I didn’t want to learn from anyone else. Now I don’t have to! Thanks Staci!

  2. I really enjoy your informative videos.
    This is a little off-topic, but I wanted to give a word of caution. I noticed you crunch up your index finger to provide tension. I got a “trigger finger” injury on my ring finger when I was trying for more tension on a thin yarn (finger bent like yours). It messed it up for 2 years and was very painful – still not completely normal. So, I have learned to check my finger positions to make sure I am not bending and holding a finger in a tense position for any length of time. Anyway, just wanted to caution you – a trigger finger is painful and really annoying! Plus, I couldn’t knit for a long time.
    Thanks for all you do. :o)

  3. I absolutely love your videos. I taught myself to knit a few years ago from library books. I definitely wish I had stumbled across your YouTube channel before I made myself crazy learning from books. Your techniques are awesome and SO easy to learn from. I am definitely a better, more efficient knitter because of you.

    Thanks for being so selfless to post these videos for all of us to learn from!

  4. Once again so pleased with the tutorial and I look forward to those that are to come. I know crochet basics but this is a great help and refresher for me. It’s high time that someone thought of providing more tools for the knitter lol.

    Thanks again.

  5. Yeah. I need to learn the basics for a fair isle class I’m taking at stitches south in April. You must have sensed my panic!!

  6. Hello Staci, this is unbelievable. You are a mind reader!!! I have just thought yesterday that it is maybe the time to start learn to crochet. I looked up in the internet, to find someone as nice as you, who explain the work so easy and beautifuly as you. Did not find. And today… I see your videos. Thank you so much for all the incredible videos. I learn so much from you. It is amazing 🙂

  7. Staci, I have been a long time follower of your videos, and I could not be more thrilled about this series! I have tried again and again to teach myself to crochet, but I get so frustrated!!! I don’t know what it is about knitter’s aversion to the hook, but it terrifies me! Can’t wait to give it another go.

  8. Really enjoying learning to crochet with you Staci.

    I know English and American crochet terms can be different.. So being one of your fans from the UK I wanted to double check which crochet terms you used.. British English or American English?

  9. Staci, so pleased you are doing a crochet for knitters series, but I too would like to know if you are using English or American terms – being from the UK I have found this confusing in the past and would love it if you addressed ths difference to include us Brits too! Sue x

  10. I echo the comments above! I also had a hesitation about learning to crochet, but am finding that more and more patterns are incorporating bits and pieces of crochet work – particularly in both edging around blankets and in seaming them…Thanks for these helpful videos!

  11. These videos are great!! Thanks again Staci.
    One question, what would be the effect of learning to crochet using your left hand rather than your right? It looks like the fabric will still be the same and that whatever your crocheting would be a mirror image of a right-hander. I ask because I’m left handed by nature and the way I write but, I decided to knit right handed because it made sense at the time I learned and has made my life easier using patterns and teaching myself new techniques. But, despite all my years knitting right-handed, I am having a very difficult time learning to crochet as a rightie. I’m more comfortable with the hook in my left hand and, so far, there seems to be almost no “translation” needed to utilize your tutorials. Thanks for any insight, Deb

  12. Thank you so much for your Videos. This past weekend I stumbled on to your YouTube page and now I cant get enough. I have been watching your crochet tutorials and I have a question. Is there a particular order to watch them in? I love your style of teaching. Thank you!

  13. Stacy,

    is there a specific material/brand of crochet hooks you recommend? I’m having trouble understanding the differences between brands and materials because they are a bit different from knitting needle materials. Help?


  14. Hi Amanda – I’m not much of a connoisseur of crochet hooks…I’m happy using metal Susan Bates hooks, available almost anywhere. I have very specific tastes for knitting needles, but not crochet hooks. Maybe someone else will chime in with their advice.

    S t a c i

  15. How do I get the pattern for the shaker dishcloths. I clicked on pattern and nothing happened.


  16. Thank you for your videos. They have really helped me out. I’m curious if you have an easy doily pattern either knit or crochet?

  17. You’re welcome, Donna – thank you for the note. No, I don’t have any patterns or tutorials on doilies, but I’m sure you can find a ton of them by searching on Ravelry!
    S t a c i

  18. Hi Staci!
    As I’m watching these videos,I’m ashamed of myself! I’ve been crocheting for a while, but I usally wrap the yarn counterclockwise…If it produces the same product, does it matter which way?

    Thank You!!!!!!!!! 🙂 BTW, I echo the comment that said you look gorgeous in that cardi!

  19. Staci–

    I love your videos and you’ve inspired me to do more crocheting. Prior to this I knew the basics but want to try more now!

    Also, I love your nails!

  20. Thank you so much for imparting all of your information!! Many years ago my grandmother and mom taught me how to crochet Granny Squares and I loved it and made many things!!! Several years ago after not crocheting for many years – I got the ‘bug’ again!! I could not figure out how to do it although I tried over and over!! I’m so glad I found your site!! Your instructions were concise and so easy to follow that I am well on my way to making a Granny Square throw for my daughter. And after that on to the wavy blanket and maybe even trying my hand at knitting a hat!! Thank you so much!! I love your site and You Tube tutorials!!!

  21. I love your tutorials! I’m a knitter and I was excited to see the crochet videos. I’m only seeing 2 though is that right?

  22. Love, love your tutorials. Still getting used to how to hold the crochet hook and work, but I keep trying. You are my ” Go to” person for all my knitting and crocheting projects. Thank you, Laura

  23. Thank you for all your tutorials! You have become my go to person for any of my knitting and crocheting projects! Love them!
    Thank you,

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