This Is Why We Knit!

When I asked the question, knitters from around the world answered! From thoughtful, to clever, to funny – and even brave – these are the reasons we love knitting.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from VeryPink Knits!

10 comments on “This Is Why We Knit!

  1. Very very nice video !!!!!! GREAT!!WOW
    It’s a new way to meet each other !

    Thank you Stacy and Parker.
    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013

  2. He’s no dancing bear! LOL! That’s so adorable!

    Staci and Parker – thank you for doing this, it was wonderful! And thank you to everyone who submitted their videos, I hope you can do this on an annual basis – loved it. Laughed, cried, smiled… seriously.

  3. Omg, now I wish I would have posted my video. Staci, thank you for introducing me to all of my friends.

  4. I knit for several reasons. 1) its a tradition that’s been passed down in my family 2) pure enjoyment 3) U get an accomplished feeling afterwards and a new item to wear or use to boot WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!!!

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