Crochet for Knitters – Making a Chain Ring

A crocheted chain ring is the starting point for many different projects. For knitters, this is where we can really start to see one of the benefits of crochet (alone, and in combination with our knitting) – creating shapes in crochet is much easier than it is in knitting.

The other Crochet for Knitters videos can be found here.

More Crochet for Knitters videos in the weeks to come – next week we will start our first project!

Information on things you’ll see in this video:

The sweater on the mannequin is the Saroyan Scarf, designed by Liz Abinante. Free pattern and video tutorial.

The sweater I’m wearing is the Featherweight Cardigan.
I knit mine using Malabrigo Lace yarn.

The yarn I’m using for demonstration is Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, and the size N metal crochet hook is Susan Bates.

2 comments on “Crochet for Knitters – Making a Chain Ring

  1. Thanks so much for these videos! As one who has tried (and failed) many times to teach myself to crochet, I think this time I may actually get it. I do have a question for you though. In one of these videos you talk about how much faster crocheting is than knitting. So why knit? I see so many darling patterns for beautiful crocheted items I just wonder why you’re primarily a knitter.

  2. Hi Peggy – that’s a good question! Knitting is my primary and favorite craft (over crochet) for a lot of reasons. The main one is that the fabric it creates is much finer and more delicate…so it’s more appropriate for garments, and it is better for showing off intricate work.

    But there is a time and place for crochet! Crochet is ideal for making blankets (with tight deadlines), creating decorative borders, and creating embellishments.

    S t a c i

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