Crochet for Knitters – Picot Edging

One of my favorite ways to work crochet into your knitting is with crocheted edgings. Here I show you how to work a simple picot edging.

Crochet instructions for the picot edging:
Single crochet into 2 stitches, chain 3 (or 5). Insert your hook into the left leg
of the first chain. Grab the yarn and pull up one loop. (Two loops on hook). Grab the
yarn again and pull through both loops on hook to close with a single crochet. Skip
next stitch, and repeat from beginning.

Knitting instructions for the long moss stitch:
CO an even number of stitches.
Row 1 (WS): *K1, P1*, repeat to end of row
Row 2: *P1, K1*, repeat to end of row
Row 3: *P1, K1*, repeat to end of row
Row 4: *K1, P1*, repeat to end of row
Row 5: *K1, P1*, repeat to end of row
Repeat Rows 2-4 to desired length. BO in pattern on RS of work.

Info on things you’ll see in this video:

The yarn I used in the blue sample is Berroco Vintage.

The yarn I used in the bulky sample where I’m demonstrating the stitch is Berroco Peruvia Quick.

The scarf I’m wearing is the Clapotis.
Knit with Noro Silk Garden in colorway #87.

The scarf on the mannequin is Cozy.
Knit in Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino.

The red nail polish I’m wearing is OPI, in color Chick Flick Cherry. The polish on my sparkly accent nail is OPI, in color The Living Daylights.

5 comments on “Crochet for Knitters – Picot Edging

  1. Quick question. My daughter in law gave me a photo of a pretty dress she would like for my granddaughter. I have not pattern but have several I think I can use to recreate something close. My question is, this dress is mostly stockinette with a vertical yarn over every, maybe, 10 stitches or so for about 6 or 7 rows. (I will have to really study the photo to figure out an approximation.) It has a crochet picot on the hem. Will this picot be enough to keep it from curling on the hem? It will likely be knitted in DK weight yarn. I was considering maybe 2 garter rows first, or maybe a picot cast on. (Which I will have to hit youtube to learn.) Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

  2. Marilee – I appreciate your predicament, but there is no way for me to answer that. Curling, with or without a border, really depends on the yarn you’re using and your gauge. You can knit up a swatch (a 4×4″ swatch should give you a good idea of how your yarn/gauge will behave) and attach a picot edge to see how it does. Sorry, I can’t help you here unless I test knit it using your exact yarn, needles, and gauge.

    Good luck!
    S t a c i

  3. Ahh. The swatch! . Will do. Thanks for letting me know that a small sample like that will help me solve my dilemma.

  4. Staci,
    Are there any specific considerations for turning a corner with the picot edge? With the scalloped edge you worked an extra stitch or two so I wondered if you needed to do the same with picot?

  5. Heidi – It’s been a while since I did this stitch, but I think you’ll find that the corners look nicer if you put a picot right at the corner, and work at least a couple stitches into the same space at the corner. You can always test it out, see how it looks, and make any alterations. There is no set answer here – it sort of depends on what you’re working the edging into, your gauge, etc.

    S t a c i

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