Fancy Stitch Combos – Raised Rib

Instructions for working the Raised Rib Stitch:
Cast-on a multiple of 4 stitches, plus 3.
Row 1 (RS): *P1, ktbl, P1, K1*, repeat between *s to last three stitches, P1, ktbl, P1
Row 2: K1, ptbl, K1, *K2, ptbl, K1*, repeat between *s to end
Bind-off normally on the right side of the work.

To work this stitch in-the-round:
Cast-on a multiple of 4 stitches.
Round 1: *P1, ktbl, P1, K1*, repeat between *s to end of round
Round 2: *P1, ktbl, P2*, repeat between *s to end of round

This video is part of a new series called Fancy Stitch Combos. In this series I hope to demonstrate stitches that have been requested, and hopefully introduce you to some new ones that I think are pretty and useful. Feel free to drop me a note if you’d like to submit an idea for a video in this series.

Information on things you’ll see in this video:

The green sweater on the mannequin is my Learn to Knit a Woman’s sweater, pattern + video tutorial.

The bright pink yarn I used in the worsted-weight sample is Araucania Merino Worsted, knit with size 5 US (3.75mm) needles.

The gray yarn I used in the bulky sample is Malabrigo Chunky, in color Polar Morn.

The bulky purple yarn I used in the bulky sample and for demonstration is Berroco Peruvia Quick.

The wood needles I use for demonstration are by Clover, size 10.5 (6.5mm)

6 comments on “Fancy Stitch Combos – Raised Rib

  1. I would like to experiment with this stitch. I am in love with circular needles, so the pattern must continue in the round. I find now, when I use straight needles, I drop a needle at the end of a row – so used to circulars that it surprises me each time.

  2. I like the looks of this stitch, it gives me another rib stitch to use for mitts, hats, etc. Thanks Staci.

  3. Thanks for all the great stitches Staci. Have you considered putting all of these stitches together in some type of ebook? I know….some people are never satisfied. I’m trying to put them in a folder so that they are all in one place on the computer. Love the stitches looking forward to more.

  4. Staci…
    I am sooo lovin’ these stitch combos! I’m practicing eah of them in cotton yarn, making dishcloths and washcloths as I practice….and I am going to have some of _the_ fanciest dish/wash cloths in thw world for Christmas Presents!!

    I wondered if you have vertical Chevron stitch tucked away somewhere tha you could bring out and share? The horizontal one is beautiful…but I would like to have a vertical pattern that would work for a throw pillow cover to accent my family room.
    Thans for sharing your beautiful skills with us!!

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