Interview with Judy Graham – “Knitting Tips by Judy”

When Hollywood needs custom knits for tv and movies, who do they turn to? Judy Graham! You might know Judy’s name from her website and YouTube channel, Knitting Tips by Judy, as well as her video blog (links below). This video was shot at the YouTube Space LA on my recent trip to California.

Judy has so many great stories and mementos from her work in Hollywood, and it was a pleasure to get to know her. We had a great time doing this interview!

Links to find Judy –

Judy’s website, Knitting Tips by Judy.

Judy’s Knitting Tips by Judy YouTube channel.

Judy’s video blog.

Judy on Facebook.

10 comments on “Interview with Judy Graham – “Knitting Tips by Judy”

  1. Loved the interview! What an interesting woman. I was amazed at her knowledge of yarns and her ability to knit such small gauged pieces so quickly.

    Thanks for sharing her world with us!

  2. What a treat! You are the two women who are teaching me to knit (my mom and grandmother gave up in frustration), so seeing you together was extra special. What a fascinating path Judy has followed, and I’m thrilled she still takes the time to mentor newbies like me. If it wasn’t for the two of you, I never would have picked up the needles and tried knitting again.

  3. Oh Staci…That was so wonderful! Thank you so much for finding this incredibly talented, remarkable woman! To be able to hear her story from her personally was such a delight! Very fun 35 minutes! I will be going to look at her website! thanks again!

  4. I love this!! I am an avid FRIENDS watcher and I’ve always noticed, pointed out & lovingly admired all the tons of knits that are in every episode! Staci, I watched your How to Knit a Christmas Stocking video a couple years ago & became hooked on your videos pretty much the same day! I love what you do & what you’re all about. It is thanks to you that I can not only knit but knit well! Thank you! And because of your beautiful work, I learned something about one of my favorite TV shows and one of my passions and got to meet the lady behind that beautiful work! Thank you both for doing this interview! 😀

  5. What a wonderful interview! It was so interesting to hear her talk about her should do more of these. I’m sure there are more great knitters out there…how about “Beverly” the lady from New Zealand who knit the costumes for the Hobbit movie…I’m sure there are more out there..I love watching interviews while knitting and crochet, so inspiring.
    I love all your instructional videos and always recommend your videos to friends who want to learn how to knit. Keep up the great work.

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