Extra Stitches! Mini Knitting Lesson with Haunted Sunshine Girl

After hours at the YouTube Space LA, I gave my friend Sunshine from The Haunting of Sunshine Girl a mini knitting lesson. Spooky things go on in the YouTube Space late at night! Visit Sunshine’s video to see what happened after the knitting lesson!

3 comments on “Extra Stitches! Mini Knitting Lesson with Haunted Sunshine Girl

  1. Hi Staci

    Nearly had a heart attack after seeing that! I’m not exactly young and it’s after midnight with everyone gone to bed. Hope we won’t be seeing anymore. It’s so out of context for you and it spoils your lovely website. Carol

  2. Bummer. I thought we were really going to see another wonderful knitting tip. I’m sure some people enjoyed this video, its just silly IMO.

  3. Cindy – every Wednesday, I release a knitting instruction video (a technique or a tutorial on a new project). Other days of the week, I will be releasing extra content, called “Extra Stitches”, that explore new ground.

    Wednesdays will not change.
    S t a c i

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