Extra Stitches! Mini Knitting Lesson with Reb from Pancake Manor

Meet Reb Stevenson, half of the team that creates YouTube videos for kids on the channel Pancake Manor – as their tagline says, “Videos for kids and awesome parents”. At the beginning of the lesson I learned that Reb already knew how to knit, so I threw a different challenge at her! And she handled it like a pro.

Visit the Pancake Manor YouTube channel.

Are you looking to learn to knit? You can check out my playlist of knitting basics.

Never fear! Every Wednesday, I release a new knitting instruction video. On other days, I’m going to be releasing these “Extra Stitches” videos with fun, knitting-related content.

2 comments on “Extra Stitches! Mini Knitting Lesson with Reb from Pancake Manor

  1. I love that you said right handed, left handed knitter! That’s what I am! 🙂 I am left handed but knit just like you; with my right hand, and I flick. I tried knitting continental a few times but for me, right handed flicking is most comfortable. This was seriously so cool to hear, thank you for the new title for this type of knitting 😀

  2. As with most left handed folks, I am both left and right handed, depending upon what I am doing. I play ball right handed because there wasn’t any left handed equipment available when I grew up. But when it comes to knitting I am totally left handed. I want to inject that it isn’t exactly a mirror image. I use the continental method. As far as following a pattern, it works the same as with right handed knitters, this includes cables, and multicolor patterns.

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