Winners Announced! Mountain Meadow Dryer Balls

If you didn’t win this time, you can find the Mountain Meadow Dryer Balls here.

To learn more about this product, here is a very cute video from Mountain Meadow Wool.

The random number generator I used to pick the winner can be found here.

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5 comments on “Winners Announced! Mountain Meadow Dryer Balls

  1. Have you used these? Do you find they reduce drying time?

    Have back rectangle finished in 3 Rectangle sweater.

  2. Have you used these wool dryer balls? If so do they really cut down on drying time?

    I have enjoyed working on rectangle sweater. Have back finished and working on fronts. Doing them at same time.

  3. Jo Ann – I don’t have a scientific answer for you like the manufacturer’s do (reducing drying time fro 25-50%), but yes, I would say that drying times are shorter since I’ve been using them.

    S t a c i

  4. I bought a set of dryer balls from Mountain Meadow a month ago (when you had the contest). I’ve been using them in every load of laundry since, and am completely happy with them. I don’t know why they work the way they do, but my laundry loads have been drying pretty regularly in half the time they used to take.

    I have a new-ish dryer that senses when the clothes are dry and shuts off when they are, no matter how long it originally estimated the time would be. It shuts off pretty consistently at about 50% the time it used to take, some things are a little longer than that, but mostly it’s 50%.

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