Attaching Buttons

Information on things you’ll see in this video:

I mention in the video that I lost my favorite needle threader – it was this kind.

Needle threader that I use in the video.

The buttons I use are random buttons from my sewing kit – sorry, I don’t have any information about them.

The pattern for the sweater I’m wearing (not my design, in a discontinued cotton yarn) can be found here.

The poncho on the mannequin behind me is my Rodeo Drive Poncho, pattern + video tutorial.

The knit sample I use is a swatch from my Easy Knit Sweater Jacket, pattern + video tutorial, knit in Knit Picks Bulky in color “Wine”,

The nail polish I’m wearing is Julep, color “Maddy”.

7 comments on “Attaching Buttons

  1. Hi the needle you used to sew on the buttons may be a “quilt basting” needle as they are quite long. Hope this helps.

  2. The needle you have appears to be an unholstry needle. Very sharp with a larger eye to accomadate the button hole thread. Used for attaching buttons to pillows or the backs of chairs/sofas.

  3. The best needle I have found for sewing buttons onto knits is a DMC #10 Chenille. I also use this needle to weave in yarn ends, as I can split the yarn in a few places to help secure the yarn.

    Thank you for your informative and helpful videos. You are an excellent instructor and your videos are so well produced.

  4. I wonder if a Sashiko needle would also work? Longish needle, sharp point, large eye to accommodate the thick cotton Sashiko embroidery thread. Also, some yarn stores carry affordable embroidery needle sets in varying sizes. Again, amazing video, Staci! Your site is brilliant and I watch every week.

  5. Thanks for the video. Some buttons are decorative but some are functional. I find that my functional buttons lay much nicer in the “buttoned” mode if I wrap the shank or the button thread a couple of times between the button and the front surface of the knitting. (Bring the thread back to the wrong side for knotting.) It puts just a bit if space between the knitting and button to avoid the button from ‘sinking’ into the fabric. But, that’s just me. I look forward to each and every post. Thanks for being such a good teacher.

  6. Staci,The needle you have might be a long darning needle. I have two one is 3 1/4″ and the other is 5″. Thanks for the great videos.

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