Knitter’s Pride – “Find Your Needle”

A little something extra – here is a three-part video series I did for Knitter’s Pride, called “Find Your Needle”. Knitter’s Pride has so many different kinds of needles to choose from, hopefully this will help you make a good choice, and love your knitting even more!

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  1. Thank you so much for such detailed videos, Staci!
    Love the new studio too!

    I learned to knit as a child with steel needles. I am continental advanced and loose knitter. Interestingly, I do not like any other material (I tried them all) but metal as for my knitting needles.
    Exception is carbon – have not tried them yet.

    Sometimes after too long of a knitting session, my needles get sticky.
    Staci, what would you recommend to clean the metal needles with?

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for these videos!
    I have tested many different types of needles, including the ones I inherited from my Gramma.
    I recently tried a pair of Rainbow wood needles and they were great to use.

    The best pair, by far, has been my Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Circular set. I absolutely love them! They are just the right type for my type of knitting!

    Keep up the great work!!

  3. Iryna – regarding cleaning needles…you can’t hurt metal needles by cleaning them with soap and water. I usually just use the cloth that I use to clean my glasses to give them a wipe-down and make them sparkle.

    S t a c i

  4. This may be too much to ask. After watching the videos, it is clear as to what I want. Do they make cuboid carbon needles with steel/brass tips? You never know unless you ask.

  5. Julie – Knitter’s Pride doesn’t have (at least not yet) Cubics needles in the Karbonz material. Cubics are available in the plated brass and wood.

    S t a c i

  6. Great video! I had not heard of these needles and will want to try the cubix design as I tend to have problems with my little finger cramping after long periods or several days of knitting (I knit continental). I too love the new studio and am a loyal follower!


  7. These videos made me want to become a knitter’s pride customer; esp. the sampler needles sets. As soon as I can find them in my area the likely I’ll not be able to resist to buy them.

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