Sweater Progress, Day 21

Day 21 sm

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the photos I’ve been posting of the progress of my “recreational” knitting project. The sweater is finished, so I’m giving a rundown of all of the photos, showing the progress.

Here is some info about the sweater (and no, I don’t have any plans to do a tutorial on this pattern)…the pattern is Cold Breath, knit with Malabrigo Rios in color Pearl Ten. The needles I used are Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics interchangeables. I have some pattern notes at the bottom of the post, after the photos.

Day 1 sm

Day 2 sm

Day 3 sm

Day 4 sm

Day 7 sm

Day 8 sm

day 9 sm

Day 11 sm

Day 12 sm

Day 14 sm

Day 19 sm

Notes on my experience with knitting this sweater:
– If you ever want to take photos of a sweater progress, don’t choose eggplant purple! This color was difficult to photograph.

– The pattern was well-written, and easy to understand. I’d put the knitting skill level at intermediate, meaning probably not a good first sweater for a newer knitter.

– The yarn was a dream to work with.

– The sweater ended up fitting me well, without any alterations. That never happens to me, as I’m nearly 6′ tall…petite women might want to shorten the length and sleeves.

– The sleeves, especially at the top of the arms, are pretty snug (as you can see in the Day 9 photo). They fit me, but my arms are kind of spindly – I can see them being uncomfortably snug for many women.

– I’m really happy with the sweater except for one thing – the cables along the shoulder didn’t flatten out much, and it kind of looks like I’m wearing shoulder pads. I think it’s probably due to the “loftiness” of the yarn I chose. I’m going to try steam blocking the cables to see if I can get them to flatten out a bit.

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  2. Hello,
    I’m sorry to comment on this page but I have a question about the toe up sock pattern that I just purchased from you. I have started the socks and have followed your video instruction about how to make them. On the video, after the toes are done you say to keep knitting the foot based on the pattern size. But the pattern does not indicate how far to knit the foot before starting the heel. It talks about doing stockinette or ribbed and then finishing cuff but there is no indication of the length of foot in relation to the size, and when to start the heel. For example, the woman’s size…how long to I knit before I start the heel.

  3. Brenda – in the pattern, I tell you to knit the sock a certain length (can’t remember, maybe 1.5″) shorter than desired completed length. I also give a link in the pattern to convert shoe sizes to inches, if you aren’t able to try the sock on the person you’re knitting it for – you have to know the person’s shoe size, at least;

    S t a c i

  4. Thank you for your response, Staci. I understand now. I wish I had a “Staci” in my town so that I could get hands on lessons. I just happened upon your videos and projects last week and am excited to learn more. Your videos are great!
    Thanks again

  5. When you knit with malabrigo do you alternate skeins or work one then another ? I’ve heard some knitters complain about malabrigo dyes not being consistent. Personally I love the yarn.

  6. Hello staci i just have a quick question how do you knit your swatches? I really like the way you knit them they look really cute. Do you have a pattern? Is it just a seed stitch border?

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