Winding Yarn into Two Equally-Sized Balls

For some patterns and yarns, it’s important to wind your yarn into two-equally sized balls before you start knitting – especially when you’re knitting toe-up socks. Here’s my tried-and-true method for doing that.

My ball winder and swift are from Strauch Fiber Equipment Company. You can learn more about the company here.
They also have a YouTube channel.

The Woolery is the retail outlet for Strauch Fiber Equipment Company. You can find my ball winder here.
And my swift here.

The kitchen scale I use is by Tefal – I don’t think they are making the exact model I have anymore, but I think they’re all about the same, anyway. I don’t remember how much mine cost, but I know I didn’t get an expensive one.

The pink yarn I use for demonstration is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky in color Crush.

11 comments on “Winding Yarn into Two Equally-Sized Balls

  1. Winding yarn into two equal balls is very usful when you have not finished the sleeves and you need for them to be the same lenght.

  2. I like to have separate balls when knitting a project with the yarn held double. This way I don’t have to buy two skeins and my yarn won’t get tangled with trying to knit from both ends of one skein.

  3. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your videos! You’ve made coming back into the knitting world a breeze for me!! I love how I can always see what your hands are doing in the videos and everything is so clear!! So thank you again!!

  4. Hi Staci 😉
    Another great tutorial!

    I think this tip would be great for breaking off the main part of the skein. Doing so allows just the exact amount of yarn to finish the project so the whole skein doesn’t have to travel. Portability is important if I want to take a project with me.

    Some of the projects on ravelry call for making bobbins–I think this would be great for measuring out the correct amount and making sure each one has enough to finish that particular section.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. My office is less than one mile from The Woolery!! It is a fascinating place to visit and dream.

    I’m going to treat myself to at least one of these pieces for a belated Christmas gift. Swift first. (The Boyfriend has tired of being a swift. He sees me pull a hank out of a bag and his hands automatically assume the position.)

  6. Hi Staci,

    I purchased a sock pattern from your site maybe a year or so ago, but when I got a new computer it somehow didn’t make it over to my new computer. I have searched my e-mail account to see if the download e-mail is still there, and it’s not. Is there anything I can do besides buying the pattern again? Do you by chance have a list of all of the e-mail accounts you’ve sent the pattern to and can send it again? Thanks so much.


  7. Hillary – yes, I can help you. Just let me know the email address you have on file with PayPal, and I’ll be able to find the transaction and send you another copy of the pattern.

    S t a c i

  8. Staci, I’m fairly new to knitting(self-taught)but i’m try to get better. I love your tutorials. My question is tried making a pair of fingerless gloves but when they where finish one was larger than the other. How can I knit them both so that they match..Thank you so much for your help.

  9. Could have used this tip recently when working from stash on a multi-colored cowl. I wanted to begin and end with the Same amount of ribbing in a particular color. Time to buy a scale. Thanks Staci

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