Ravelry Tips – Finding Pattern Help

We’ve all been there – stuck on a pattern and in need of some help. In this video, I show you some ways to get answers to your questions, and show you how to find info on modifying patterns.

There is one more way to get pattern help that I missed in the video! Sometimes people leave gems of information in the “Comments” tab of the main page for the pattern. See the arrow in the image below.

Rav project comments sm

Information on things you’ll see in this video:
The tote bag on the mannequin is my ATX Linen Tote. This pattern is free with yarn purchase on the Louet website, or at a preferred retailer. Just purchase two hanks of Euroflax Sport yarn, and use the coupon code VPEUROFLAX (all caps) for your free pattern.

The Shaker Dishcloth pattern and video tutorial I use in the on-screen examples can be found here.

4 comments on “Ravelry Tips – Finding Pattern Help

  1. Thanks for another informative video. I love the Ravelry website. Have found lots of cute patterns there.

  2. Hi Stacey!

    I love your videos and look forward to them every week. I just watched the episode on finding help on Ravelry, and thought I’d pass on a tip of my own. Before I even begin a complicated pattern, but especially if I’m stuck, I do an advanced pattern search. Then I sort the results by “most helpful.” Usually, these are the projects with the best notes or the modifications I’m thinking of incorporating myself. I’ve actually reached out, on occasion, to some of these knitters via Ravelry message, for further clarification, and they’ve always been lovely.

    Another place I look (although it can be accessed via your forums search to a degree) is to see if the designer has a group on Ravelry. Oftentimes they’ll have a specific thread dedicated to the pattern I’m knitting, or a “Help!” thread, and I can search the group before posting a question. If I do need to ask, usually someone (sometimes a moderator or even the designer themselves) will respond right away.

    Anyhow, just thought I’d share my ideas with you…as I said, I love your videos and am so grateful to you for taking the time to create them!


  3. Stacy, I wasent trying to make the mitered dishcloth that you have on Raverly. My 2 attempts, have me very list when one get to the very end. So example you complete rows until you have 2 sts, remaining. But I get thrown off say if I do a swatch of 20 CO, I’m at 4 remaining, and don’t really get what I do next just knit until I get down to 2 sts? I hope this is clear on what I’m trying to figure out.
    I watched the video a few times on utube but I guess I get a bit confused when I get to the end with little sts remaining. I look forward to hearing back.
    Thanks so much!

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