12 comments on “20 Million YouTube Views Sale

  1. YAY and Congratulations! I always look forward to watching your videos on Wednesday, I alwasys feel smater afterwards.

  2. Congratulations Staci!! Here’s a toast to you and to your next 20 million views! That is awesome and a huge accomplishment! You are by far the best out there with knitting tutorials/videos.

  3. Ahh!!! This is amazing! I can’t believe it. It seems only a day ago that I was searching for a glove pattern when I came across your website and so far it has been greatest help and encourager in my knitting. Thanks a lot for all your patterns and help and I’m sure you’ll soon have 40 million views from Knitters all over the world.

    Luke Griffin

  4. Thanks for sharing with us, your tutorials have been really helpful.
    I look forward to each and every one.

  5. Hi Staci
    Congrats on hitting 20 million and here’s to hitting another 20 million.
    I tell everyone I know that is interested in knitting or crocheting to check out your videos and patterns. You have helped me go from a long time beginner knitter to an intermediate knitter. I have tried allot of different patterns since I found your site 2 years ago and there are so many I am not scared to try now that I have your tutorials to turn to if I am stuck.
    You have made Wednesday my favourite day. 🙂

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Congratulations! I can’t live without your videos, you’ve helped a beginner knitter become intermediate with the videos! Thanks! The answers you give make so much sense and the excellent videos of the techniques make it very clear. I eagerly anticipate Wednesday morning!

  7. Congratulations! Whenever I have forgotten a technique, or want to pick up a new one, you are my go-to girl, and have been since 2011. I very much appreciate all you do.

  8. Staci !! Thank You Soo Much for the opportunity to purchase a couple of patterns and get one FREE !!

    You are the most fantastic teacher !!! I have actually become a pretty decent knitter because

    of your kind, encouraging and completely clear instruction !! I LOVE it because of YOU !!

    I can see why 20 million people feel the same way !!! You are the GREATEST !!

  9. Could you tell me what kind of yarn winder you used at home? I am searching for one but I do not know which one is good?

  10. Just a quick thank you for your German short rows tutorial. It was so helpful for my Monster Pants mouth. I fretted two days with wrap and turn till I saw the tutorial. I must add all of your tutorials that I have seen are so easy to follow, I have bookmarked your site and will be a frequent follower for sure. Thank you again.

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