3 comments on “Knitting Double Stranded

  1. Thank you for explaining the fine details of double-stranded knitting.

    In the past, I have simply avoided patterns which called for this technique, so you have now expanded my list of ‘Things to Attempt Before Senescence.’

  2. Really found this informative. Though I have tried holding 2 yarns together
    it never occurred to me to put the two yarns together in one ball. That would be so much better than 2 separate yarns coming from 2 balls.

    thank you

  3. Staci, your explanation is very clear. I think what’s confusing to readers is the use of the word “stranded” because it’s also used to describe knitting with two balls of alternating colors where just one strand at a time is wrapped, as with Fair Isle. And it doesn’t help that “double knitting” sounds almost the same but is yet another technique! My grandmother made what she called double knit mittens, but after some searching, I finally figured out she meant the double stranded technique you just showed us.

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