Using 9″ Circulars & Needle Review

In this video, we cover the ins-and-outs of 9 inch circular needles. When to use them, using them (both Continental and English/American), and a needle review of the four most popular brands.

The needles I review in the video are:
Clover, purchased on Amazon for $11.99
ChiaoGoo, purchased on Amazon for $8.88
HiyaHiya, purchased on Amazon for $12.50
Addi, purchased on Purl Soho for $15.45

The video clip of the Continental knitter is my friend Steven. Steven is an excellent knitter who enjoys knitting complicated patterns. You can follow his work here:
Steven’s Ravelry page
Steven’s knitting blog

The yarn I’m using in the knitting sample is Knit Picks Hawthorne Sport Multi, in color Montavilla.

The nail polish I’m wearing is by Julep, color “Ilga”.

My silver ring is actually a knitting needle gauge, and can be found here.

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  1. It’s so funny you picked the Chiagoos as your favourite because I purchased these exact ones about a year ago and didn’t know what to really do with them. They seem so small and awkward but, after watching your video, I’m glad they were the ones I bought. It might actually get me to enjoy sock knitting. Who knows! Thank you for the great video!

  2. Anxious to try the 9 inch needle sock tutorial. What size needle and yarn will you be using? I want to be ready! Thank you so much

    • Hi staci, I just purchased size 2 HiyaHiya. I think I will order the size 3. Is this sock video for purchase?

  3. Yay Staci!!! When I received your video today through email and saw the title, I couldn’t wait to watch it. Great tips on using these little needles. As I told you in a recent email, I really enjoy knitting with these 9″ needles but they are very cumbersome at the heel and toe. There had to be a better and easier way and based on all I’ve learned from your patterns, I knew you could solve the problem. I had to get all kinds of help on you tube. Your tip on switching to dps makes total sense. I look forward to the pattern. I think mine are hiya hiya and so far I really like them. I agree that you can’t pick up some speed using them.

  4. Staci, Could you please tell me why the 9″ circulars are not good for lace and complicated stitches? I am working on the “Lobster Quadrille” pattern by the Tsarina of Tsocks and would love to switch to circulars, but it is a complicated pattern. Thank you.

  5. Jenny – with more complicated increases and decreases, the right needle has to approach the stitch from an angle different from straight-on. (Purl-through-the-back-loop, k3tog, come to mind immediately.) 9″ circulars don’t have enough cord to make this as easy as it is with other needles. You CAN work lace on really short needles, and some people enjoy it – but it isn’t ideal.

    S t a c i

  6. I have been using 9 inch needles for years knitting socks and love them. They can also be used in the same way that double pointed needle are used. I will figure 8 cast on with two 9-inch needles and use a third to knit the stitches in rotation. The flexibility of the 9 inch needles help reduce the laddering I experience with solid double points. I have used 4 and 5 9-inch rather than 4 or 5 solid double point.

    Also you should review/try the KA Classic Bamboo Switch Exchangeable-Interchangeable Circular 9-inch needles. I purchase mine through The Patchwork Frog ( The needle length is about 2.5 inches. Since these are interchangeable it is easy to move up in cable length by using the cable join. Attache the next size cable to the 5-inch cable used for the 9-inch needles, pull the through and reattach the needle heads and continue knitting.

    I find that the KA needles have a rather significant “hip” where the cable joins the needle and this can be a problem. In addition the fit of the bamboo to the brass base is not always as smooth as I would like.

    These are bamboo and quite good but it would be nice if they had stainless steel needle heads available.

    I take the 2-inch needle head and a long cable to cast on my toe-up socks. By the time I reach the ball of my foot I have moved over to the 5-inch cable and use the 9-inch needle for the foot of my sock. When I reach the heel (short row) I go back to a long cable, once the heel is complete I move back to the 9-inch needle. As I move up my leg (I tend to knit kilt hose) I switch out cables on the way up the leg. All this cable switching is easy because they are interchangeable needles.

    Having tried the needles you reviewed the h KA Classic Bamboo Switch Exchangeable-Interchangeable Circulars are my go to set.

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