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coloring page vp

We have something very new – a knitting pattern that also includes a free, downloadable coloring page. Be sure to watch the video below for more info, and scroll down to see the Instagram slideshow of everyone’s posted coloring page. To get your photo in the slideshow, just post to Instagram with the hashtag #colormycowl.

Download and print your Color My Cowl coloring page HERE, and be sure to check back on June 8 for the free knitting pattern and tutorial. Note – for the easiest knitting, only use two colors per row!

The artist who drew the coloring page is Paula Pertile, Etsy shop DrawingsofKnitting.

Color My Cowl VP

The yarn I used in my cowl in the photo above – Berroco Vintage Worsted in the following colors:
2 hanks Butter Cream (background color)
1 hank Caribbean Sea
1 hank Misty
1 hank Sunny
1 hank Macaron

Some other yarns I recommend, because they are smooth, plied yarns; wool or wool blend; and offer a wide palette of colors:
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted
Knit Picks Swish Worsted
Cascade 220 Worsted
Feel free to share more wool and wool blend worsted-weight yarns that have a vast color palette in the comments below.

Instagram Slideshow, #colormycowl
The feed is set to refresh with new photos every ten minutes!

15 comments on “Color My Cowl Coloring Page

  1. This is SO fun thank you! I’m recommending it to my knitters group as a KAL – I hope they go for it, it would be so fun to see what everyone comes up with!v

  2. This is really cool. It will be fun to see the slide show of people’s creations.

    I think that knitting graph paper needs slightly different proportions than standard graph paper kids would buy for school. If we wanted to create a different fair isle design in the future, are there any sites for knitting graph paper which you, or other viewers out there, would recommend?

  3. This will be so much fun. What a great idea. I have not done any color work so this will be a learning experience for me for sure. Looking forward to trying to do this. Thanks Staci.

    Happy Knitting and best wishes!

  4. Staci, I was looking for a source of completely blank paper to use for planning out color work. I love the puffy little stitches on the .pdf you have provided. There is a source for free paper that is similar, but the Vs are made of little parallelograms, instead of little sunflower seeds. Your paper shows the gaps between the stitches, too.

    I visited Paula Pertile’s Etsy shop at to see if she had blank forms for sale, and she has beautiful designs and a spot for your custom sheet, but no blanks. I’m going to ask her if she plans to do something like that, and I hope that by so many people who are Very Pink fans downloading the custom one, she will receive lots of request for the same, and for other custom designs.

    • Holly, Thanks for the links to the additional design pages. Very helpful and much appreciated.

  5. Hi, you are doing great work I am surprised how you do this with just color a page then knitting. Designs of knitting are very nice. Thanks for sharing these coloring pages with us.

  6. Would it be possible to make this with DK weight yarn like the “color my cuffs”? I want to make the cowl to match the cuffs, and I can’t find worsted weight yarn in the same colors…

    If it is possible, what kind of adjustments would I need to make?


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