Welcome – VeryPink Knits Podcast, Episode 1

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Welcome to Episode 1 of the VeryPink Knits Podcast. You’ve found the show notes, and everything we promised!

Update – We’re so glad you found us! The podcast has now been submitted and approved to the major podcast directories (like iTunes, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Google Play, etc.) so you can now find VeryPink Knits Podcast in your favorite podcast app, and subscribe to automatically get notification for new episodes.

Beginner’s Guide
If you’re brand new to podcasts, you can listen to them in a few ways. iTunes users can use the native app (the one that was already loaded on your Apple device when you purchased it), or any other app that you like. Casey uses an app called Overcast, a free app that you can find by searching the app store in iTunes.

Android users have other options. Staci uses Pocket Casts, a free app you can find by searching the Play Store on your Andriod device. Google Play also added Podcasts to their main menu, and you can subscribe and listen right in the Google Play app.

You can also visit the VeryPink website each week and click the “Podcast” link at the top of the page to listen to it here (see the player above).

To subscribe to the VeryPink Podcast, search for it in your app, and once you locate it, click “subscribe”. The app will then add every new episode to your “feed”, the list of new episodes for podcasts you subscribe to.

Favorite Podcasts (by Staci and Casey)
A Way with Words – the origins of words and phrases. So nerdy!
BBC World Service Documentaries
Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – interviews with celebrities
How to be Amazing – interview show
Mortified – people read from their middle school and high school journals
More Perfect – New from Radiolab about the history of the Supreme Court
The Mystery Show – everyday mysteries
Sawbones – comedy show about ridiculous medical practices in history
Splendid Table – food
Stuff You Missed in History Class
TED Radio Hour – TED talks in depth
This American Life – good stories, around a theme

Other things we referenced in the podcast:

Video: Using Your Ravelry Library
Casey’s website can be found here: kcknits.com
To get your knitting question answered on the show, just email us at podcast@verypink.com

26 comments on “Welcome – VeryPink Knits Podcast, Episode 1

  1. Love the podcast! Thanks for giving me another weekly feature to look forward to!


  2. Loved this format. It was very interesting and entertaining. Looking forward to listening regularly.

  3. Dyakcraft makes solid stainless interchangeable knitting needles from US 0/2.00 mm to US 3/3.25 mm. They have different length tips depending on your preference. They are heavier than many needles but I haven’t found it to be a problem once you become used to the weight. I love the needles and the join is a think of beauty. I bought one size to try out and now have a complete set. (Okay, I have two sets.)


  4. Love the podcast! Just wanted to let you know that I could not find Pocket Casts for free, but for $3.99 and it’s from Shifty Jelly. Is that the same company as the one Staci has? As far as blocking boards go, I have gone to the store and bought the huge soft mats that are often found in exercise departments. They are just about as thick as blocking mats, but less expensive. I got mine at Sam’s Club for $23. If you go this route, you will need to buy blocking pins/combs, but it’s worth it.

  5. Hi Cindy Lou – hmm…Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly is the app I use, but I thought it was free! I’ve been using it for years, maybe it used to be free? Regardless, if it’s only a few bucks, it’s worth it. But if you do a general search for podcasts apps in the Play Store, there are other (free) options.
    S t a c i

    • I did do some searching. Just haven’t decided which app to use. It is possible that it was free at one time. I may go with that one, because I really dislike ads and most free options have ads.

      • Shift Jelly does have a free version in the play store. I recommend podcast addict which has a free version and is pretty great.

  6. Great job Staci and team Very Pink! I’m so happy you are doing this! Great start to my Friday. Plan to make it a morning coffee routine!

  7. Awesome podcast. Hopefully I will be able to listen on my computer and make it a part of my mornings.
    I do have a tip instead of having to keep printing my patterns out I use a sheet protector and a magic erase marker that way when I am done I just wipe it off and pull it out again and I put that in a 3 ring binder.

  8. Great podcast! I was unsure if “listening ” without watching would work for me but it does!!! So worth it to try something new! Thanks Staci! And the voice quality is so enjoyable to listen too. Can’t wait till next Friday?

  9. HiyaHiyas standard interchangeable set goes down to size 2. It always has as far as I know.

  10. I really loved listening to your air on podcast! It was my first time, it was easy since I just clicked on your FB. It was really entertaining, and I’m a new knitter 2 years now but learned alot!!! The decreasing of the hat was the best , to me because I liked how you just put it out there. I haven’t been able to complete a hat yet because I can’t figure out the decreasing. But now I’ve learned buy the pattern, and that should tell me what to do.
    My only next step to be is to surf your basic hat patterns to see if there’s one on there, thats basic and that I like! Everything I’ve seen so far of yours is very pretty! I look forward to following your next podcast.
    Thank you 🙂

  11. Thank you for the podcast! I prefer video podcasts in general as I am a more “visual” person, but I love this format for answering questions. Very informative! Happy Knitting 🙂

  12. Awesome first podcast! The sound was great as was the format. I look forward to getting Outcast for my iPhone to add the best knitting podcast to my repitoire. Right, I don’t like the native podcast app that comes with the phone…I have both Android and apple, but I don’t have to pay for airtime on the apple work phone. ?

  13. Bravo Staci! I am absolutely thrilled to see/hear your Podcast launch!
    Congratulations and continued success 🙂

  14. Your podcast was not found on my app, it says I can import it but I need an rss feed url. Can one be provided? I’m OK listening to it via Web if not Thanks

  15. I’m so happy to see that you finally decided to do a podcast Staci! I’m a big fan of yours, all the way from Portugal. I search the web for many years to learn what I need about knitting in Portuguese; English and Hispanic sites or videos from many countries and you are my favorite teacher! You make knitting feel very lovable and a simple thing to do to people, like me, who has nobody around to teach or help me while I do my knitting or crochet projects. I wish you all the best for your podcast and all your projects because you are the best person (Master) to feed our passion for knitting! Thank you for being such a great communicator. This is a good example of what happens when we put our heart in what we do.


  16. Enjoy your podcast. I dread just knowing there are a bazillion people out there ‘podcasting while driving’, R-E-A-L-L-Y !!!! I live on an island in Greece so I only ‘podcast’ by my pool. Hope your podcast ‘server’ gets their kinks out as I cannot listen on my desktop for a variety of reasons. Thanks for doing this.

  17. Leslie – thank you for the note. All of the episodes are live and operating, the only piece that is not currently working is the embedded player for episode 3. Otherwise every episode is available in all of the podcast apps, and by clicking “download episode” and listening in a different browser tab.

    S t a c i

  18. I started listening to Way with Words and in the Catch My Fade episode rebroadcast earlier this year, there is a reference that could be to YOU Staci!!

    About 24 minutes in they mention they have a lot of teachers, librarians, and knitters listening to the show!

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