New Podcast Announcement

The new VeryPink Knits Podcast is up and running with two episodes as of today. New episode every Thursday! If you would like to get your knitting question answered on the show, just email it to

If you’re new to podcasts, we have put together a Beginner’s Guide, where you will also find a list of some of our favorite podcasts.

This is an exciting new adventure, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Stay warm, my friends!

3 comments on “New Podcast Announcement

  1. I really enjoyed the podcast. It was the first one I have ever listened to but will look forward to the next one. I will probably access the podcast though’s website as I am a little phone challenged and am more comfortable with the computer for now. I was sitting here just looking at the computer screen memorized by Staci’s clear voice and enjoying the information, I then thought to go get my knitting and knit while I listened. Very fun and enjoyable. Another new way to learn. Thank you so much!

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