Podcast Episode 5: Stitch-Canary

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Information on things we mention in this episode:

Correcting Mistakes Video Playlist
Make 1 Increase
Find Your Needle“, the video series I did for Knitter’s Pride

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Books
The Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework
The Knitting Answer Book

VeryPink Men’s Sweater Tutorial

Links to our projects we talk about:
Staci’s Acadia Sweater
Casey’s Lake Diamond

3 comments on “Podcast Episode 5: Stitch-Canary

  1. Your podcast is fun, I’m enjoying it. You warmed my heart with the reference to the Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. My mom had it too. In my youth, I used it for stitch patterns for embroidery primarily, and sometimes to dabble in knitting or crochet. I even learned how to tat from that book. After trying to steal my mom’s copy, I think I finally bought my own and it’s still on my shelf. It’s great book for lovers of textile skills of all sorts. Thanks for the pleasant memory.

  2. Thank you for a new interesting and funny podcast. I love listening to you two.
    I’m a relatively new knitter and since I was not interested in only knitting flat rectangles, I decided to work on my tension and still trying out different stitches while making up garments for a Barby doll. My cousin’s daughter didn’t care about loose stitches. She was happy to get new clothes for her dolls.
    Those were funny and quick projects that allowed a few mistakes. Trying out different needle sizes helped me learn about the texture of the fabrics and gauge as well.

  3. I just binge listened to all your podcasts and am now caught up. Through these podcasts I’ve discovered I’m a process ‘yarner’. When my hands get tired of crocheting, I’ve got two or three knit projects to switch over to. While listening I was able to finish my a shawl I thought I’d never finish. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all your hard work, videos and audio, they really keep me motivated.

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