3 comments on “Podcast Episode 6: Two Inches of Smallness

  1. I’ve been subscribed to your Youtube channel for awhile now, not sure how long, maybe 2 years, maybe 3? Your channel is my favourite channel, and if you had a TV show I would totally watch. LOL I’m loving the podcast. My only criticism, is that I WANT MORE LOL I’m going back and watching all your older youtube videos just to get my Very Pink Fix hahahaha. Let me make it clear, I am straight, happily married, but have a total knit-crush on you. I just love the way you explain everything, and the amazing tips you throw in here and there. I now regularly knit swatches – Aren’t you so proud! LOL
    Thanks for all you do 🙂

  2. Love your videos and now the podcast! You are the reason I started knitting again. Thank you!

    I use dental floss also for my life lines. The main difference, is to NOT use waxed dental floss. It sticks to the fibers of the yarn and makes it near impossible to work the next row. Plain old dental floss works like a charm and it fits into the tightening hole of a circular needle simply and easily.

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