Podcast Episode 9: Knitting Wild Women

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You can see Casey’s website and her social media buttons on kcknits.com.

Links to things we mention in this episode:
My fair isle sweater coat – Arrowhead Cardigan

KnitPicks Magnet Board for holding charts

Knit Companion App for Pattern Management

Casey knit a monkey a few years ago.

We found out after making this episode that the TKGA Magazine (Cast On) will no longer be in production as a print magazine, but members will continue to receive digital copies.

Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd

Casey’s “piano lesson” knitting is made with this Seven Sisters gradient yarn.

Sixes and Threes Cowl

Gifts for knitters Pinterest board

5 comments on “Podcast Episode 9: Knitting Wild Women

  1. I prefer working from charts, and I just wanted to add a quick tip on what works for charts for me. I put the chart into a plastic page protector and then use yellow highlighter tape to indicate the row I’m on. It sticks very well. I can easily move it to the next row, and I don’t have to keep reprinting the chart. I also like the highlighter tape because I can easily see the previous row to help me in “reading” my knitting to keep me on track.

    I also often enlarge charts by printing them using Adobe’s “snapshot” tool to get the chart to print filling a whole 8.5 x 11 page.

    Hope this helps someone learn to love shafts as much as I do!

  2. Thank you for another informative podcast!

    I made this especially for carrying charts (and other condensed instructions) with me: I cut out and glued my chart to a small spiral notebook and wrapped a rubber band around it. The rubber band marks the line I’m on. Besides its portability and durability, if I do have to take out a row, I just relocate the rubber band. Yes, it is super low-tech! http://bit.ly/2blAXpQ

  3. Just an FYI- I use roof flashing to make my magnet boards any size I like. I just went to the home improvement store, bought a roll of flashing. All you need is a pair of tin snips and away you go! You may have to file the edges with a rasp it you get any “catches”, but it’s worth the trouble and a lot less expensive too.

  4. I bought a magnetic white write-on board which generously provides space on which to display my charts. The long magnets can be used to isolate the row you’re reading and then I don’t have to print out multiple sheets of paper waste. To double insure my row, I also use a clicker row counter so if I have to leave my knitting and should the magnet move, I still have a record of my last row knitted.

  5. On designing sweaters: “Sweater 101” by Cheryl Brunette is a very basic volume explaining the construction of a sweater to fit YOUR measurements. It may be too basic for your listeners who want to design sweaters, but I found the explanations to be very solid.

    I love the podcast but it’s too short!!! You guys sound so comfortable I just want to sit down beside you “girlfriends” with some yarn and … knit! I love how Casey’s approach and style is sometimes the opposite of Staci’s, which leaves me to be ME in the way I approach my knitting. Think about doing 30 minutes please?

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