Podcast Episode 10: Magic Elves

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Links to things we talk about in this episode:

The list of our favorite podcasts are in the show notes for Episode 1.

A couple of podcasts we talked about:
Sleep With Me
Two Guys on Your Head

Hush Earplugs – Casey says to make sure to follow all the troubleshooting instructions if you have trouble in the first few uses.
Traveler’s Life Afghan
Log Cabin Blanket
A blog post I wrote regarding charity knitting for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital.

4 comments on “Podcast Episode 10: Magic Elves

  1. As always, I enjoy your videos and podcast. For some reason this week I had to crank my speakers all the way up and could still barely hear you. Is there an audio control on the site that I am not aware of?


  2. Love love love the podcasts! I’ve been binge listening to catch up, and have a “cute” story.. it’s great when you get off topic, and in this podcast you were talking about white noise. I care for a friend’s baby while she’s at work, and she’s having major problems with him not sleeping at night all of a sudden. We’ve both been going crazy with research, asking friends, etc, to come up with a helpful solution. Your podcast gave me an “aha” moment, and I told her about it- long story short, as it turns out she had a white noise machine she had gotten as a shower gift, and started to use it for the baby. Happy to report, it has helped immensely!!! She puts it on the heartbeat setting, very softly, and it seems to really soothe him. So you never know what your discussions will do! Thanks from not only me, but a very exhausted family!

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