Podcast Episode 13: Our Breakfast Tacos are Better

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Links to things we talk about in this episode:
Learn to Knit Your First Scarf
Traditional Dishcloth tutorial and pattern

Scunci Steamer (they’re still available, but SUPER expensive for some reason)

I mentioned that my friend Steven has been knitting beautiful lace baby blankets, here is his Ravelry notebook.

Pinhole Cast-On

3 comments on “Podcast Episode 13: Our Breakfast Tacos are Better

  1. I have worked patterns where there are hundreds of stitches to be CO and they suggest you work the first few rows flat and then join in the round. I haven’t done this, I prefer to join right away, but my friends say it does work well when dealing with all those stitches. Have never heard this method referred to by a name, so maybe you guys should give it a go and name it!

  2. Hi, Staci and Casey! I forgot to include my location(s) with my Fair Isle question earlier today.

    I am a beach bum in the summer on Martha’s Vineyard island, Massachusetts, and a ski bum in the winter in Telluride, Colorado. I have no breakfast taco preferences, although I make a mean Dutch baby.

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