Podcast Episode 16: Fingerling Weight Yarn

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Links to things we talk about in this episode:
Video: Math for Knitters, Substituting Yarns
Video: Substituting Yarn

Yarn weight conversion chart

Video: Determining Yarn Weight (WPI)

Book: The Knitters Book of Yarn

Video: Mysteries of Row Gauge

6 comments on “Podcast Episode 16: Fingerling Weight Yarn

  1. Sylvia – the title refers to a typo from one of the questions sent in…the question-asker typed “fingerling” instead of “fingering”, which we thought was very cute and funny.

    S t a c i

  2. A tip for Stashless-Staci… if you put your yarn in the Stash tab for a project, and then end up only using half of it, the stash tab will keep track of what you have left! So when you want to knit another log cabin blanket you can see how much of each of your leftovers you have! It will also keep track of yarns you have used up and move them to a separate tab so there’s no thinking that you actually have stashed yarns!

    Love the podcast, the videos, and the patterns!!

  3. This was the greatest knitting/informational podcast I have ever listened to. You really know what you are doing Staci and I am very grateful.
    Thanks a million and keep ’em coming. So glad you can never know it all 😉

  4. Yarnsub.com is a great resource for yarn substitution. You can search for any yarn and it gives you a list of substitutions with a percentage indicating how well it matches.

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