Frango Sampler Scarf


A sampler scarf that is interesting for the knitter, and a good scarf for either men or women. The free three-part tutorial covers the provisional cast-on, changing colors, three-needle bind off, adding the fringe, and more. Scroll down to get your free pattern and to see the video.

Size: 8.5” x 66” (22cm x 168cm), not including fringe in measurement
Needles: Size US 6 (4mm) 16″ circular needles, one additional needle in same size to work 3-needle bind-off (you can use a longer circular needle and the magic loop method, if you choose)
Yarn: Six colors of KPC Novomerino Aran Yarn (details on amounts below)
Additional Materials: Size G or H crochet hook, a few feet of worsted-weight scrap yarn in a contrasting color, one stitch marker, tapestry needle, a piece of cardboard approx 5” x 5” (12cm x 12cm)
Gauge: 5 stitches per inch in stockinette

This pattern is a FREE RAVELRY DOWNLOAD.
Here is the Ravelry page for the pattern, if you’d like to add it to your queue.

I used KPC Novomerino Aran yarn in this scarf. You can see all of the colors available on the KPC website. Remember that the prices are in Hong Kong dollars, click “HKD” at the top of the page to choose your local currency.

The needles I used are Knitter’s Pride Platina, Knitter’s Pride Royale, and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, each from 16″ interchangeable sets.

13 comments on “Frango Sampler Scarf

  1. Staci,
    Went to KPC website and found the yarn 1/2 off. Beautiful colors!
    Wish I was good at mixing and matching. Any advice on how to put
    Colors together?

  2. Jane – use the “mix and match” tool on the KPC website. When you are on the page for Novomerino Aran, click the check box above the yarn, and click the big blue “mix and match” button. Every yarn you check will pop up in a separate window at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Hi Staci,

    Love this scarf and I hope I’m not missing anything obvious here but why are we knitting this scarf and joining it in the round…..doesn’t that make the scarf more of a cowl and not something that hangs down on both sides of the wearer? Perhaps I’m having one of those ‘just not seeing the obvious’ moments but please let me know and thank you, in advance.

  4. Laura – the scarf is knit in a tube, then the ends are seamed. If it were to be a cowl shape, we’d connect the two ends of the tube, as we do in some of my cowl tutorials.
    S t a c i

  5. This looks great! I’m a little confused with the needle information, though. How would you do this on straights? I plan on using circulars but I’m really curious on how that would work.

  6. Carrie – thank you for the note! That was a mistake! I’ve updated the website and the pattern to read;

    Needles: Size US 6 (4mm) 16″ circular needles, one additional needle in same size to work 3-needle bind-off (you can use a longer circular needle and the magic loop method, if you choose)

    Thank you again for the head’s up.
    S t a c i

  7. What a beautiful pattern! If I wanted to work on this same scarf but on a less wide scale (about 6″) would you have a guess-stimate on how many stitches that would be? Thankfully most of the patterns aren’t finicky about stitch count as long as it’s even (for the moss stitch and lace, I think!) but I don’t want to end up messing up the shadow chevron. So…any help? Thanks so much for everything you do! Love the videos and the patterns and everything else!!!

  8. Beautiful scarf. I like it because it looks like it has some “heft” to it. The texture looks intetesting. The needles are awesome.

  9. I do love this scarf It looks so warm. But I too would like to make this not so wide. My son-in-law is short and has a short neck and I feel that this would be to wide,but really not sure. Also I have been to for years to try not to knot the yarn and I see you do. Do you just knot this scarf or everything.? Thank you

  10. Dianne – I can’t help you much with pattern modifications, but you can cast on fewer stitches of this scarf in multiples of 8, and still be able to work the chevron stitch. You may have to knit it on DPNs, because fewer stitches may not fit around on 16″ circulars.

    I always tie knots, especially if the knots are on the inside of the work and will never show.
    S t a c i

  11. I am new to more adventurous knitting,but as soon as I saw your Frango Sampler Scarf I knew I had to knit it.Thank you for the lovely pattern and such clear and informative tutorials,I feel more confident that I can achieve this next step in my knitting.I have my yarn and circular needle on order and just received a set of different sized dpn’s.
    I am looking forward knitting this beautiful scarf:)

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