Podcast Episode 31: Big Dark Blob on Your Shoulder

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You can see Casey’s website and her social media buttons on kcknits.com.

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Things we talk about in this episode:
The podcast episode where Casey interviews psychologist Art Markman

Checking Gauge
Stellar Swatching
Learn to Knit Socks
German Short Row Socks
Bulky Sleep Socks

The podcast episode where Casey interviews a chiropractor on knitting aches and pains (and posture)

Casey mentions an arm chair that she likes for knitting, here is a photo on Ravelry.

6 comments on “Podcast Episode 31: Big Dark Blob on Your Shoulder

  1. Hi, Staci,

    I was a little worried this week when your blog’s front page did not show a new video on Wednesday (yesterday).
    Again, today, your blog’s front page was not updated with a podcast.

    When I click on the menu bar for your podcast I am able to find it, and I was able to find your latest video on YouTube.

    Maybe it’s technical difficulties and it will update soon?
    I’m hoping so, since that is the first place I go to find your latest videos and podcast.

    Thanks for being a great teacher for my learning of knitting.


  2. Thanks, Michelle. There seems to be an issue with my website refreshing properly today, I’ve heard the same thing from a few people! I’m just about to make a call to my website host. Thanks again for the head’s up.
    S t a c i

  3. Dear Ms. Stacy,

    Based on the above comments I am wondering if you have put out any newer episodes than Episode 31? Thank you and wishing you the best!

    Mrs. Jeffries

  4. Mrs. Jeffries – yes, I release a new podcast episode every week, but there is currently an issue with my website automatically refreshing to show some folks the newest posts. You can fix this by holding down the “shift” key while clicking the refresh button, then you will see the newest posts on any given page.

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