Podcast Episode 34: Craft and Folk Art Museum.

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For more about Casey’s visit to the Craft and Folk Art Museum, visit her blog.

From our Sponsor:
Mountain Meadow Wool
You can sign up for their newsletter and learn more about their Legacy Yarn Club on their website.
To answer the question that came up in the podcast, yes – Mountain Meadow Wool does indeed have a photo of a lion on their Legacy Yarn Club page, but it has this caption, “Lions and Tigers and Bears – oh my! Lion and tiger fiber?… not likely but let your sense of adventure be unleashed with American Bison, Yak, and Alpaca as well as enjoy the smooth comfort that Silk/Tencel/Bamboo and other fine fibers have to offer.”

Other things we talk about in this episode:
Duplicate Stitch
Intarsia vs. Duplicate Stitch
Online stitch chart creation
Knitter’s graph paper

5 comments on “Podcast Episode 34: Craft and Folk Art Museum.

  1. Hi Staci & Casey: Pedal markings are sometimes included in piano scores (at the composer’s/ editor’s discretion), much as bowings might be included in violin music. I love your podcast, videos, and funny Facebook posts!

  2. I am making Staci’s Bulky Sleep Socks right now, too. I am using bamboo needles and also bamboo yarn. It’s so soft and warm! They are my first pair of socks EVER and I’m almost finished with the second sock. Thanks, Staci and Casey for great podcasts!

  3. So glad that I clicked on the link to your blog. I had been clicking on your podcast link and it is still not refreshing to show your new episodes. Now I know a way to find them 🙂

  4. Hi Staci and Casey
    Rebecca Mitton From Whyalla South Australia.
    (Not too sure how to email this question to you so i hope i can make it to the next podcast through this comment)
    Love the podcasts have bee listening from day one.
    A question for Staci.
    I have just started doing your socks on 9″ circular i was wondering if i don’t have a pair of 9″ circular needles can i knit them with three DPNs? I have ordered a pair but i don’t think they will get to me in Australia in time.
    Thanks for your videos and podcasts they are always very helpful

  5. Rebecca – yes, you can knit that pattern on DPNs. You’ll just need to separate the stitches on to three needles, which isn’t a big deal. It will work out fine.
    S t a c i

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