Podcast Episode 35: Clapotis, in Paris

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Links to things we talk about in this episode:
Reinforcing Sock Heels and Toes
Lang Jawoll sock reinforcement thread
I wasn’t able to find the “pregnant” skeins of Jawoll yarn, just the reinforcement thread sold separately.

German Short Rows
Traditional Wrap & Turns

Learn to Knit a Fair Isle Hat
Color My Cowl
Color My Cuffs
Fimmel Hat

The Mysteries of Row Gauge

Kolaches, explained.

Shaker Dishcloths
Sockhead Hat

13 comments on “Podcast Episode 35: Clapotis, in Paris

  1. Regarding the question regarding people who want me to knit things for them? I guess I’m not nice either, as my response varies between “No” and “If you don’t swim in my gene pool, I’m not knitting for you.”

  2. Yes Casey, Texas kolachi is what many would call pigs-in-a-blanket. In northern climates, kolachi is a dessert bread most commonly filled with nuts and often served at Christmas time. It seemed like a bait-and-switch operation the first time I encountered the Texas version.

  3. I”m not known for my niceness, but it does depend on the person asking. Most times it’s a flat out No with no explanation, but when you have a really nice person ask, I volunteer to teach them to knit. I’ve yet to get a taker.

  4. My cousin’s standard reply to requests for knits is, “No, but I will teach you to knit so you can knit it yourself.” I suppose you have to be comfortable teaching to use this response. 🙂

  5. Dear Staci,

    Please magically turn my knitting question into a knitting answer ?
    I am knitting a stuffed rabbit toy flat according to the pattern. I have reached out to the designer on Craftsy and am not getting a response. The pattern tells me to switch colors in a row but not to carry the yarn. I use multiple balls and drop and pick up according to what I need. Not a problem….except that when I drop a color and begin knitting with the new one a small hole is created. Obviously this is not good for a stuffed toy. Alternatively, at the point where I switch colors I just hold the old and new color together and knit a stitch. Thus there is no hole. BUT it does not leave a crisp color line in my stockinette. I thought perhaps to just go over that with duplicate stitch at the end. But obviously I am missing some crucial knitting techniques with the dropping and picking up without carrying the yarn as specified. If it helps I am using stockinette stitch. It is a pattern on Craftsy called Knitables Bunny by Sarah Gasson. Thank you for any help you chose to offer, it is greatly appreciated! P.S- As for knitting for others.,, I love to do it especially large or intricate projects. To give to others something that I myself value is truly giving my utmost. I feel joy in making and giving and they enjoy receiving it. one Time I knit a 5 ft wide by 7 ft long intricate cable knit blanket single strand single ply merino wool blanket for my Husband’s birthday. Others saw it and asked for one. They simply did not understand how very expensive it was and how much of my time I put into it. My response to decline was;” Thank you, that was kind of you to say. I hope he enjoys using it. However, that is something very special that I made with love for only my Husband. I never duplicate his gifts for sentimental reasons.” Then at a later date I just knit them afghans in a pretty but easier cable pattern in a more affordable but nice Yarn. They were so surprised and thankful. It wasn’t that they really wanted the exact fiber or blanket pattern. They just wished to be thought of and have something tangible and pretty to feel that connection and care. Have a lovely week and happy knitting!

  6. Mrs Jeffries – thank you for the note. I don’t mind helping you – but Craftsy really should be answering questions on their patterns! If you’ve spent money with them, they should provide customer service!

    Okay, regarding the holes. The technique you are working is intarsia, and if you don’t wrap the “old” color with the “new” color each time, you will indeed get holes. Here are my two videos on intarsia, they will explain the technique:



    S t a c i

  7. You ladies were cracking me up in this podcast! I love the knitting answers and ramblings mixed in! It made hemming pants (one of my least favorite sewing tasks) almost enjoyable.

  8. My general response to the “would you knit this for me?” question is usually along the lines of “well, just a quick estimate, that would probably take me xxxxx hours, I would be Happy to teach you how to knit and I can help you find a pattern, I probably have some needles you can have….

    The ones that really kill me are the ones that say – “would you knit this for me? I found it on ETSY for $150, can you believe they want that much for it? That’s just crazy.” Again, time to educate….”well let me look at that. Ok, the yarn and pattern are probably about $50, and it’s probably about 50 hours of work, so they are asking for a wage of about $2.00 per hour. Seems pretty inexpensive, I wouldn’t make it for that – you should probably just buy it from the etsy shop”

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