No Knitting Video this Week!

Hello, Knitters! I haven’t missed a weekly knitting video in nearly seven years, but I’m missing this week. This short video explains more. Thanks for watching (and understanding).
S t a c i

But I didn’t miss a week in the podcast (audio only). You can find the VeryPink Knits podcast in iTunes, in your favorite podcast app, or here on my website.

20 comments on “No Knitting Video this Week!

  1. Take care , rest those eyes and I wish you a speedy recovery! I’ll miss you video, but your health is far more important . I’m sure that Elby will do his best to cheer you up!

  2. I pray you get better soon. Love your new puppies name. That is my grandsons name and not a common name to hear.
    Get well wishes!!!

  3. Rest up and take care of your eyes! We all wish you the best and hope your recovery will be quick and successful.

  4. Staci, so sorry to hear about your health problem. Take care! Relax, take a well earned break, love up your fur babies, and know you are in our thoughts.

  5. Staci……I can’t believe you have not missed a week in 7 years! That speaks to your crazy dedication. Rest, relax and recoup. Prayers for your quick recovery and hope you won’t have another battle any time soon!

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